How to choose the right photos for the website?

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Videos and photos on a website are often a key element in the fight for the customer and building the company's brand. The selection of aesthetic graphics in this situation becomes a huge challenge, because we would like to make the best possible choice. How do I find photographs suited to the industry? Who should take the photos for the website?

In this guide, we'll discover how to invest wisely in your image, regardless of the size of your budget. From exclusive photo shoots, to cost-effective stock photography, to AI-powered innovations, we'll show you how to choose photos that not only attract attention, but also work for your brand.

Also, let's not forget the technical aspects such as compression and resolution, which play a key role in optimizing the site for SEO and usability. By reading this guide, we will guide you step by step through the process of choosing the perfect photos that will adequately show what you care about.

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Photos for website - Which solution is best for business?

When thinking about photos for a website, the idea of using paid stock photos first comes to mind, and immediately after it the realization of an author's photo session to order. A moment of reflection will allow us to determine which option will require less commitment on our part. But what will contribute more to the success of our business in the long term?

Advantages of author's photo shoots to order

Today, the brand fights for attention, personalization becomes key. Custom photo shoots are an investment that can clearly differentiate your business from the competition. Why? Because each photo is realized with your brand in mind, conveying its values and beauty in a way that cannot be copied.

Unique photos are not just a hallmark; they are a strategic tool that you can use to tell the story of your brand. Professional photographs highlight the quality and attention to detail that is valued by customers, as well as allowing you to have full control over how your products or services are presented.

An author's session in the vast majority of cases is the most favorable solution from the point of view of business development and building your own brand. If you do not fully agree with this statement, it is worth looking at your site from the point of view of a potential customer.

Seeing original photos of the team, the company headquarters or a spontaneous session from a joint company exit, we can be sure that a given organization is authentic and reliable. Given the fact that consumers today are leaning towards companies that make themselves known and inspire confidence, the choice seems simple. Favorable site reception is a chance for higher conversion, sales and brand awareness in the market. The best case scenario even assumes that in addition to the session, we have the resources to create a promotional video. Unfortunately, companies that are just starting out may have limited funds. This, in turn, prevents the execution of the session and the processing of the photos. The cost of performing this type of service reaches several thousand zlotys.

Ordering a session can seem like a big expense. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the investment pays off over time, and the photos taken will serve us more than once. The materials from the session prove to be valuable not only in the creation of the website. We will also use them in social media, newsletter or other promotional channels of the company. If we operate in the catering or fashion industry, they are a necessity, because customers who do not know this type of product will probably never buy it.

Alternatives to bespoke photo shoots

Not every company has a budget that allows for individual photo shoots. Fortunately, there are alternative paths that can effectively fill the visual needs of your website, without straining your wallet.

Paid photos from the Internet - Is it worth using stocks?

Stock Photos are a widely available resource that offers a wide selection of professional photos on any subject. Although they may not be unique, but with skillful selection, they can communicate the desired message well and strengthen the brand image, especially when we are looking for general illustrations of concepts or emotions.

The price of said photograph can vary from a few to several hundred zlotys depending on the size, author or arrangement in the photo. The platforms that are considered to be some of the most popular are:

We will find in them photos intended for companies in the service industry and online stores. They can prove themselves in cases where the budget is limited and expectations are relatively high.

Unfortunately, they are not able to convey the value of the company's products and its individual character. Especially when we would like to gain the trust of potential customers by presenting our company from the back. Paid stock photos often prevent the company from achieving this goal, making it difficult to distinguish a company from its competitors in a particular sector of the market.

Free photos for the website, where to get?

In the network we can also find photo platforms that offer a very wide catalog of free photos, often also for commercial use. Here are examples:

However, it is worth carefully reading the rules of use of photos taken from the aforementioned places, as their free nature may (but not have to) be covered by certain rules such as the need to place a link to the source from which the photo comes or\ and the indication of the author of the photograph.

Is AI photo generation the future of digital photography?

It would seem that photography is a field in which human creativity and technical skills are irreplaceable. However, the development of artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities in the creation of images that can revolutionize the way we think about the visual representation of a brand on the Internet.

Artificial intelligence can generate images that, at first glance, are indistinguishable from those taken by professional photographers. Moreover, the ability to customize the generated images to the specific requirements of the brand - from color, to composition, to style - means that each photo can be unique and personalized, just like with more expensive bespoke photo shoots.

In addition, AI (Artificial Intelligence) offers the speed and scalability of the process, allowing you to produce high-quality visualizations in a short time and with potentially lower costs. This is a particularly attractive option for startups and companies that want to experiment with different visual concepts before making final decisions.

Example of a photo generated by DALL·E, the OpenAI generator

Although AI image generation can still face limitations, such as less authenticity compared to real human experiences, problems with details (like human hands or eyes), however, this technology is becoming more and more advanced every day. In the future, it can become a standard tool in every marketer's arsenal of tools, giving you the opportunity to create rich, engaging and compelling visuals that will support the brand in the world of advertising.

The most popular AI-based image generators today are:

  • DAL·E
  • Midway
  • Adobe Firefly
  • Stable Diffusion

Minor but crucial technical aspects of the photos on the website

Choosing the right photos is just the beginning. To ensure the best user experience and SEO optimization of a website, it is essential to pay attention to details such as compression and resolution of the images you place.

Compression of photos is important because it affects the loading speed of the page — a key factor for both search engine positioning and positive user experience. Too large files can significantly slow down the performance of the site, which in turn can discourage potential customers from exploring the site more deeply. Using modern compression techniques, such as WebP or AVIF image formats, you can significantly reduce file size while maintaining high visual quality.

Photo resolution needs to be balanced to keep images sharp and clear on a variety of devices, from smartphones to large computer screens. The use of responsive design techniques, including responsive images, allows you to dynamically adjust images to the size and resolution of the screen on which they are displayed.

In addition to this, it is worth remembering the appropriate alt tags for images, which improve the accessibility and indexing of images by search engines, which also translates into better SEO.

By implementing these practices, you will not only improve the performance of your site, but also ensure that your carefully selected photos will have a positive impact on your visitors.

How to take photos for a website?

There is no better way to take high-quality photos of your team, company headquarters or workstations than to order an authoring session to a professional photographer. He will not only take care of the photography. The photos will be edited to match the aesthetics and colors to the character of the company and its visual identity. The photographs themselves, on the other hand, will serve us long after the session when creating most advertising formats. Don't forget to smile during the session! 😀

Practical advice when choosing photos for the site

All in all, choosing the right images for a website is a process that requires both creativity and strategic thinking. Remember a few key tips:

  • Know your brand: Choose photos that reflect your company's values and personality.
  • Understand your target audience: Choose images that resonate with the expectations and needs of your customers.
  • The budget doesn't decide everything: Even with limited means, you can find or create pictures that will be effective.
  • Quality over quantity: It's better to have a few great photos than a lot of average ones.
  • Technique matters: Do not forget about compression and resolution, which are crucial for the performance of the page.


Choosing the right photos for your website is a task that can have a positive impact on your online presence. In this tutorial, we've covered a variety of options, from fully authored bespoke photo shoots to stock photos, to AI-powered image generation, and highlighted the essence of technical aspects such as compression and resolution. We hope that this information will help you create a website that not only attracts attention, but also shows the DNA of your brand.

If you need help choosing the perfect images for your website or want to learn more about how visual aspects can affect the success of your business, contact us. Our company offers comprehensive consulting and support in creating visual experiences that attract, engage and convince.

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