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No-code Developer

The world of technology today is very dynamic and software development is becoming easier than ever before. Thanks to tools for creating applications without writing code, anyone can become a developer without having any programming expertise. No-code development is a true revolution.

Without the need to write a line of code, businesses can now quickly build their own applications, increasing productivity and saving time. It is also a great opportunity for small businesses and startups, allowing them to meet customer expectations by quickly introducing new solutions.

The development of 'no-code' applications is undoubtedly a new trend in programming and its production process. Et es un modo de democratizar las possibilidades tecnologicas y permite que todos los soluciones innovativos a la mercado. Thus, a new gaining profession of No-code Developer has emerged.

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Development of “no-code” software

Creating applications without writing code, also called “no-code” programming, involves the use of tools that allow you to create applications without having to write traditional development code. This innovative approach makes it possible to quickly develop applications by people who do not have specialized knowledge in the field of programming.

Codeless application development is based on ready-made modules and simple interfaces that allow you to easily create simple application functionalities by dragging and dropping elements. Thanks to this, even inexperienced people can create advanced applications according to individual needs.

The no-code development platform is ideal for teams that want to quickly bring their ideas to market and test their business values by creating MVP-class digital products. MVP in the context of software means “Minimum Viable Product” - this is the basic version of the product, containing only the necessary functions for the operation of the product.

The MVP should help verify the main business hypothesis. Using no-code, it is not possible to create a perfect product — it is necessary to choose which functions are key.

There are several benefits to building an MVP app. First, it allows you to get feedback from real users. Secondly, focusing on the basic functions of the program saves time and resources. Thirdly, with a small expenditure of time and money, it will allow the verification of preliminary hypotheses. This approach allows flexible customization of the product based on feedback, which can increase the chances of success in the commercial market.

Why is work in “no-code” and “low-code” gaining popularity in Poland and in the world?

The trend of “no-code” and “low-code” is becoming increasingly popular due to the growing demand for rapid application development and specialists with such skills. Companies and IT teams are looking for simple and effective ways to create modern technological solutions that will allow them to compete in the market.

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Poland, being a dynamically developing technology market, also sees the benefits of the “no-code” and “low-code” trend when developing applications. More and more companies and startups are choosing to use these innovative tools to quickly implement new solutions and ideas. No-code developers are starting to make quick careers in Poland, as their availability is relatively small.

No-code vs. traditional programming

Traditional programming requires specialized knowledge of programming languages, algorithms and data structures. Developers have to spend a lot of time writing, testing and debugging code, which can significantly lengthen the process of developing applications. In order to become a high-class programmer, it is necessary to complete a university degree in IT.

In the case of creating a “no-code” application, this process is greatly simplified. With ready-made components and simple interfaces, people without programming experience can quickly create applications, saving time and money. For no-code and low-code developers, it is enough to complete several trainings and courses to take off in the IT job market.

Codeless application development does not replace traditional programming, but it is a complement for people who want to bring their ideas to market quickly and efficiently without having to involve a large team of developers.

NoCode finds diverse applications among startups, which typically use several approaches:

  1. Entire no-code based MVP: No-code is perfect for creating e-commerce solutions, marketplace platforms, media, simple social networks, mobile applications, e-learning platforms, listing, data visualization tools, chatbots and much more. Such applications are usually created using several different tools.
  2. No-code + development: No-code solutions often work with coding. Why build a new piece of application when you can use a ready-made solution? The combination of no-code and programming allows you to develop the project effectively.
  3. No-code for processes and back-office: No-code tools are widely used in the back-office area of companies. With a small amount of work in application development, they save time in operational processes, allowing you to focus on product development and testing with customers.

How to start learning and working in no-code?

Getting started with the development of “no code” applications does not require specialized programming knowledge. Those interested can start by learning how to use the available tools and development platforms that allow you to create applications using ready-made modules and simple interfaces.

There are many online courses, trainings and even postgraduate studies that will help people without programming experience learn how to create applications without having to write traditional code. Thanks to this, anyone who has the desire and enthusiasm can acquire the skills needed to create their own applications and websites.

Training and courses for developing applications without having to write code

Numerous trainings and online courses are available that offer comprehensive “no-code” application development curricula. Those interested can choose a course tailored to their level of proficiency, which will provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop applications without the need for programming.

Szkolenia i kursy dla NoCode Developerów

The most well-known educational platforms, where you can find online training in the use of “low-code” and “no-code” tools, are among others:

These courses cover both theoretical and practical aspects of no-code application development, allowing participants to acquire the skills needed to start working independently. Thanks to this, people attending such courses can quickly start a career as No-code Developers.

Postgraduate studies with a strong emphasis on “no-code”

Although “no-code” as an IT field is at a very young age, several postgraduate courses have already been established in Poland at universities in Warsaw, Poznań or Krakow. It can be assumed that more will be created in other academic centers in the near future. At the time of writing, the available courses of study for future No-code Developers are:

What if you have already started your studies, are creating your first projects and need support?

First of all, it is worth regularly visiting forums and discussion forums, for example on Facebook. There are thousands of users out there who have similar problems to yours. So if you're stuck, don't know how to solve a problem, don't hesitate to ask. Here is a list of some places where it is worth exchanging opinions, problems and knowledge:

No-code Developer - Specializations

There are numerous “no-code” application development platforms on the market that offer a variety of possibilities for product development and scaling. If you want to disguise yourself or start a career as a No-code Developer, you should choose a tool in which you intend to specialize.

The most popular platforms for creating in no-code and low-code are Bubbel, Webflow, FlutterFlow and Glide, often supported by a database system Xano. Before choosing a platform, it is worth considering what kind of applications you want to build. If we are going to specialize in the development of websites or web applications, Webflow will be a great choice. If you plan to create extensive and complex applications, Bubble or FlutterFlow will be more suitable. It is worth reading a few reviews and opinions, rummaging through forums and groups on Facebook, and you definitely need to test the trial versions that manufacturers provide. It is important to know what we feel best about.

Where to look for a job as a No-code Developer?

“No-code” programmers can find employment in both technology companies, no-code agencies and interactive, also in companies from other industries that are looking for specialists to develop applications without the need for programming. While you are looking for a job in the IT industry as a No-code Developer, check out the following places on the net:

  1. Online job portals: Browse popular online job portals such as LinkedIn, Indeed,, Golden Line or Rocket Jobs by typing in no-code development keywords such as “No-code Developer” or “Low-code Developer”.
  2. Specialized sites: Check out specialist tech job websites like Stack Overflow Jobs, GitHub Jobs, Just Join IT, or No Fluff Jobs. You can often find jobs there for programmers, including those specializing in no-code and low-code.
  3. Online Communities: Join online communities related to no-code development, such as the NoCode forum, groups on social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Reddit) or dedicated discussion sites. Often in such places there are job advertisements.
  4. No-code business websites: Check out the websites of companies specializing in no-code and low-code, such as Bubble, Webflow, or Adalo. Often, such companies post vacancies on their sites or on dedicated job portals.
  5. Private network of contacts: Use your professional contacts, as well as participation in industry events, conferences or webinars, to find out about potential jobs. In the world of technology, networking and building relationships can be key.
  6. Freelance: If you are interested in working as a freelancer, register on freelance platforms such as UpWork or Freelancer and put your details there.
Praca jako No-code Developer

Where does No-code Developer live?

Earnings of No-code Developers can be varied and depend on experience, skills and specialization. Those with the skills to develop advanced “no-code” applications can count on an attractive salary, especially in technology companies that are looking for specialists to quickly develop applications and websites.

The salary of a No-code Developer can be comparable to the earnings of traditional programmers, especially if the person has unique skills and experience in developing advanced applications and websites. Ideally, No-code Developer knows how to combine the skills of a traditional programmer with no-code tools. Such a person can earn really well. Knowing some programming language (e.g. JavaScript) and no-code tools gives you a huge competitive advantage.

Analyzing salaries on the platform, which is one of the most popular in the world, connecting freelancers with clients, we note that the range of rates is huge. The salary of a No-Code Developer is between $10/hour and $125/hour.

Ile zarabia No-code Developer?

Is No-Code Developer the job of the future?

In the era of dynamic development of technology and the growing demand for innovative applications, the profession of No-code Developer certainly has prospects for development. The trend of “no-code” and “low-code” is becoming increasingly popular, which opens up new professional opportunities for people who want to create applications without the need for specialized programming knowledge.

No-code Developer can find employment in various industries, both in technology companies, advertising agencies, and in companies from other sectors that are looking for specialists to develop applications quickly. Thanks to this, the profession of No-code Developer can be an attractive career path for people interested in technology and innovation.

Having reached a mature age, do I have a chance to start a career as a No-code Developer?

You definitely have a chance to start a career as a No-code Developer by being at any age. No-code development was created to enable people to develop applications without having to have a deep understanding of the complicated meanders of the IT world. This approach is available to everyone, regardless of age or work experience.

Here are some reasons why working as a No-code Developer may be attractive to the “silver” generation as well:

  1. Intuitive no-code tools: Many no-code platforms offer intuitive interfaces that are easy to understand even for people with no prior programming or technology experience.
  2. Taking into account the experience: Professional maturity can bring benefits in project management, understanding business needs and overall work experience, which are very valuable when developing applications and all kinds of digital products.
  3. Flexibility and educational accessibility: There are many online courses and educational materials available that allow you to learn no-code. People of all ages can use these resources to gain and develop the skills they need.
  4. Growing Demand for No-Code Developers: Companies are beginning to see the value of no-code development and start looking for specialists in this field, which creates new career opportunities.
  5. Generational Diversity: In addition, all studies in the world and in Poland prove that generational multidimensionality in companies is an invaluable benefit for both the organization and its employees. Regardless of age group, we have a similar approach to work. Generationally diverse teams can therefore work well together.
Nocode developer to praca dla ludzi w każdym wieku

It is worth investing time in learning and self-development at every stage of our lives, and professional experience can be a valuable asset in the development of a No-code Developer career.


The development of “no-code” applications is a real revolution in the IT world, opening up the possibility of creating advanced technological solutions by people without specialized programming knowledge. The trend of “no-code” and “low-code” is becoming more and more popular, which opens up new opportunities for those who want to enter the IT industry without completing long-term studies in mathematics and computer science.

Thanks to “no-code” application development tools, anyone can become a programmer, which opens up and democratizes the job market in the IT industry. No-code Developer is the profession of the future that can provide attractive career opportunities and rewarding careers in a dynamic technology environment.


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