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UX/UI Design

Webflow website for an environmental engineering company

AK Nova is an engineering company operating in the environmental protection sector and in particular waste management. We created a corporate website for her in Webflow technology.

The task that has been set for us

AK Nova has been operating on the market for many years. In the industry, she is well known and well established. From the very beginning of its existence, it runs a website. From the outset, it fulfilled its objectives, as a site presenting the company's services and achievements to date. However, the management of the site was difficult, the implemented CMS system caused trouble. The design was no longer fresh, so decisions were made to modernize the site and look for another system to edit its content. Listening to the expectations of AK Nova, we proposed Webflow as a system on which we will build a new website.

What is the goal of the website for AK Nova?

AK Nova defines the industries in which it works as follows: Environmental consulting, design and execution in the broadly understood waste management industry. It sounds complicated, and indeed it is. The services offered by the company are very complex processes, and the biggest distinguishing feature of the company is comprehensive customer service — from obtaining all necessary permits, agreements, investment decisions through construction project to comprehensive execution.

Therefore, in order to be able to acquire new Customers for AK Nova, because that is the purpose of the website, it was necessary to increase brand recognition, facilitate communication with potential Customers and, most importantly, present the previous realizations. A good, well-thought-out website will certainly strengthen AK Nova's position in its industry.

Target group

The company operates on the Polish market, and its potential clients are local government units and municipal utilities. People looking for out-of-the-box, ecological solutions for regional self-government units in the field of waste management.

Grupa docelowa AK Nova

Briefly about the implementation

We started with the analysis of the brief, the conversation with the Client and of course the development of the information architecture. This is a very important stage of work, which allows you to determine the basic goals and conditions for success. AK Nova already had a website, so we were able to analyze the existing service and recommend changes in terms of UX. The recommendations were analyzed and implemented at the stage of graphic design and software.

AK Nova Website Information Architecture

The UX analysis of the new website allowed us to develop not only a new information architecture, but also to arrange the website in a new functional layout. When creating the website for AK Nova, we focused on the offer and its 3 fundamental parts: Nova-Komp technology, design and consulting and general contracting.

Another section and element of the website that turned out to be important is the presentation of the company's previous implementations, which, according to the Polish conditions, are impressive. These are several dozen technologically advanced investments for waste management in the latest, environmentally friendly, ecological technologies.


The website that was created for AK Nova is clear, simple and intuitive. Very attractive graphically and consistent with the visual identity of the company. Webflow website editing system is extremely stable, fast and user-friendly. All this means that the result of our work is a website ready to present the most important information for potential customers.

The created website is friendly to the Google search engine and ready to undertake performance marketing activities. Thanks to Webflow, we only needed two months to complete this website.

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Cary One agency are specialists when it comes to Webflow implementation that we cared a lot about. Webflow is a simple form of content management on websites with an intuitive to use interface, which is an ideal solution in building modern websites for companies and enterprises. Work on the Webflow platform is characterized by the highest quality and reliability. The Agency demonstrated commitment, support at every stage of the work and timely implementation.
Katarzyna Kalitka
Technical and Production Specialist
UX/UI Design