Design of company logo and corporate identity

Tworzymy logotypy i branding dla marek, firm i produktów

It is safe to say that the times when logo design was marginalized and brand visual identity something completely unknown — are irrevocably gone. Currently, the lack of a branbook and a comprehensive graphic design showing the nature and scope of the company's activities prevents it from developing and reaching the target group. The visual identity of the company allows us to show who we are, how we are and how we behave, which builds relationships with the customer, ties him and brings him closer to the purchase!

Logo and visual identity of the company are the basis of activities on the Internet

The increasing competitiveness of the market in most industries in Poland every year means that the standards related to the quality of manufactured materials increase together with the requirements of consumers. Regardless of whether we print banners, flyers, conference materials, want to create graphics on a facebook fanpage, a website or effectively, virtually present an offer, our chances will be much less if we omit logo design in our activities, and the entire corporate visual identity will not be consistent.

A company without a logo is like a man without a face
David Aire
Author of the book "Logo design Love"

Internet activities are largely characterized by an entertaining form, coloring, images or video. A large part of these activities, to be effective, must be coordinated with the company and its scope of activity. When it comes to the modern consumer and the psychology that governs their buying habits, every detail can determine whether they buy from us or go to the competition. That is why the process of creating a logo and designing a corporate identity is so important in the development of a modern enterprise.

Brand building, logo design, and corporate identity

Every company would like to increase market awareness among its target audience over time. Fall into memory so that over time more and more people will be convinced of their products or services. However, this is not possible when we do not transform the character of our company, its mission, objectives, vision and industry into an image that can be experienced, that is, in the logo, and going further into a full visual identity. It is with its help that we will then be able to create effective and aesthetic materials for any medium on the Internet and beyond for at least a few or a dozen years until the possible change of trends in the market.

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Elements of corporate identity — a brand needs more than just a logo

The elements that make up a professional visual identity for a company are logos, colors, typography, excise (business cards, envelopes, folders, letterhead and similar materials), marketing materials, social media, offer templates, sample presentation mockups, packaging in the case of physical products, elements useful at trade fairs and selected gadgets. The comprehensiveness and broad approach to the offer means that everyone can run a long time ahead analyzing whether the individual elements of identification will be consistent with the message that the company has communicated so far.

Brandbook tailored to the industry — Branding agency will create a logo manual

Brandbook (corporate identity described in the form of a book) or logo manual created by our branding agency is always tailored not only to the general feelings that we want consumers to attribute to the brand. We strive to reflect the industry, characteristics and challenges faced by the market sector. Thanks to this, we create intense associations in the audience and allow easy interpretation with modern design and the use of innovative design solutions.

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In other words, this document is a brand book. It is distinguished by the inclusion, in addition to visual materials, of its strategic objectives and guidelines for future communication in the preferred marketing channels. Thanks to this, the company has a template and an introduction to the creation of a marketing strategy. By completing everything, the brand significantly increases its chances of achieving market success and, consequently, increasing profits and achieving the business results that it cares about most.

Getting to know the customer is a guarantee of a better effect when designing a logo and visual identity

Always before the logo design process, before creating a complete or partial visual identity of the company, we try to get to know our client as best as possible.

Without a sufficiently rich knowledge of the world in which your client navigates, you have little chance of creating a logo that can set his company apart from his direct competitors.
David Airey
Author of the book "Logo design Love"

Only through a thorough analysis can we benefit from experience and knowledge in the next stage. You will greatly facilitate our task when in a brief to our agency you describe the company and its history, past customers, specifications of products and services, your market environment, competition, marketing activities, as well as plans for the future. Such feedback will give us the opportunity to tailor a solution that is sure to work in your industry, even in the most niche target group.

Visual identities and logos — examples of implementations

Logo Ranking Szkoleń
Logo BeUsable
Logo sklepu internetowego
Logo Bodytec24
Identyfikacja Purillo
Logo design and branding testimonials
Cary One has created a visual identity for all our brands: Eurooffice, Dlabiura24, Packmo and Haay. All of them have become recognizable brands in our industry, becoming a benchmark for our business environment and competition.
Jarosław Pielak CEO
Jaroslaw Pielak-Tralewicz
Owner: Eurooffice

Tools we use for logo design and identification

For logo design, corporate identity and branding work, we use specialized software that helps us not only in the creation process, but also in communication.

Adobe Illustator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Google Fonts
Dysk Google
Google Meet
WE Transfer
Spotify Music
Visual identification of the company and the product

Questions and Answers

Are you sure I need a sign book for my new logo?

It makes sense to create a sign book for a new logo for several reasons.

First, the sign book provides visual consistency of the brand by specifying guidelines for the use of logos, colors, fonts, and other graphic elements. This helps build recognition and professional brand image.

Second, the mark book protects the brand by providing guidelines for the proper use of logos and other brand elements, which can prevent unauthorized use or misuse.

Third, the brand book facilitates collaboration with others, allowing external entities to understand and maintain the consistency of the brand image.

Fourth, the mark book provides scalability, allowing you to present your brand consistently and professionally across platforms and in different contexts.

Finally, the creation of a brand book is an investment in the future of the brand, allowing it to develop and expand according to certain guidelines, even in the case of rebranding or expansion.

What is the difference between the logo itself and branding and visual identity?

Logo, branding and visual identity are related but distinct elements of brand building. Here are the differences between them:

Logo: A logo is a graphic symbol or sign that represents a brand. This is the most recognizable element of the visual identity of the brand. A logo may be a component of a larger visual identification system, but in itself it is a single, distinctive graphic sign that identifies a brand.

Branding: Branding is the process of building and managing a brand. It includes creating brand strategies, values, missions, goals and ways to communicate with customers. Branding is a comprehensive approach that shapes how a brand is perceived by customers and how it stands out in the market. It includes not only visual aspects, but also sound, sensory and communication.

Visual identification: Visual identity is a set of graphic elements that represent a brand and create its coherent image. It includes elements such as logos, colors, fonts, graphics, patterns and page layout. Visual identity defines the appearance and visual style of a brand in all its communications, both online and offline.

In summary, a logo is a specific graphic sign, branding is the process of building a brand, and visual identification is a set of graphic elements that create a coherent brand image. All of these elements are important for effective brand building and communication with customers.

Do you also come up with names for your company or products?

Of course! We are an agency that offers comprehensive branding services, including assistance in creating names for companies or products (naming). We understand how important it is to create a suitable and unique name that will stand out in the market and attract the attention of customers. Our team of creative professionals are experienced in developing names that are consistent with the company's image and adequately reflect its values and mission. If you need help creating an original name for your business or product, we are ready to help you with that. Contact us to discuss the details and begin the process of creating the perfect name for your brand!

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How much does it cost to make a logo?

The cost of making a logo can vary depending on many factors, such as:

Professionalism and experience of the designer/agency: Experienced designers usually charge higher rates for their services than beginners.

Complexity of the project: If the logo requires advanced graphic elements, a more complicated design, or multiple versions to choose from, this can affect the price.

Popularity and location of the designer: Designers in more well-known companies or in large cities may have higher rates than those working in a less competitive market.

Number of variants and formats: If you need a logo in different versions or formats (e.g. for print, online, for clothing), this may affect the price.

Prices for logo design can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. On average, you can expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for a professional logo.

It is worth remembering that the logo is an important element of the brand image, so it is worth investing in a professional design that will represent your company or business well. Before making a decision, it's a good idea to consult with several designers to learn about their offerings and portfolios, and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

A broader analysis on the valuation of work related to logo design and work on overall branding is presented on his blog by Maciej Sznitowski, an expert in brand building, better known as Brandoholic :)

The registered office of your company is Gdańsk. Do you design logos, also for companies from outside this area?

Yes, nowadays the location of the company does not matter much. The fact that our company is located in Gdańsk does not mean that Gdańsk is the only area of our activity. Using e-mails, programs for video meetings and instant messengers, we are able to work with the Client, staying in any place on earth:) The only condition is stable access to the Internet!

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