New logo design for Eurooffice

New logo design for Eurooffice

We made a new logo design for a long-term client, which is Eurooffice from Warsaw. The company is engaged in the supply of office supplies to companies and institutions of various sizes. Their specialty is the supply of high-quality paper, pens, paper clips, staplers and even electronics, chemicals and other products that are difficult to do without in everyday work. The comprehensiveness of the offer and professional service allowed the company to develop relatively quickly in the market.

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The beginnings of cooperation - Design of online stores

Our cooperation on graphic projects started much earlier, in 2013. We had the first opportunity to work for Eurooffice. We made the entire design of all existing versions, the flagship B2B store of the company -, as well as a version for retail customers - B2C - Now, it's time for the logo.

Challenge - New visual identity and logo design

After many years, the client decided that the company's existing brand would be good to modernize to meet current trends and standards. The previous logo, despite the high aesthetic level, caused difficulties when printing company materials, wrapping cars, and the application absorbed much more costs than it should have. The desire to make the logo more universal determined the implementation of rebranding.

stary logotyp Eurooffice
The current Eurooffice logo

New logo and new visual identity was supposed to eliminate all the inconveniences and at the same time present the company in a modern and visually attractive way. The arrangements assumed maximum simplicity and universalism. A very important aspect was the decision to stay with the current color scheme. The change was the next stage of Eurooffice's development, not a new direction of activity.

Solution - Modern and practical logo

The solution that found recognition in the creation of the logotype turned out to be the combination of the letters e+o with a paper clip. Instead of using a regular paper clip, we decided to creatively adapt it to the customer. The symbol created from these two elements already at first glance associates the company with the industry. Some notice the connection after time, however, this kind of treatment was intended by us.

Nowy projekt logo Euroofice
projekt logo
projekt logo

Result - Acceptance of logo design

All the problems faced by the previous logo were solved, and the rebranding was recognized by all representatives of the company. The first version of the project has already been approved. We have perfectly conveyed the vision of the client, which is very satisfying to us. We hope that the created visual identification will serve the company for a long time.

projektowanie logo
projektowanie logo
Rebranding firmy Eurooffice
Eurooffice logo 2019 - examples of use

Logo instruction manual

For the identification design, we have the habit of creating the so-called “Logo manual” describing in the basic version the design and construction of the sign, the protective field, the company colors and the rules for applying the designed logo. If necessary, taking into account individual arrangements with the customer, the manual can be expanded with any other elements.


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