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Corporate website for the leader in maintaining the cleanliness of cities and companies

Apriva, a company engaged in the sale and rental of equipment for cleaning cities and companies, commissioned us to create a company website in Webflow technology.

The task of Cary One's Client Marketing Department

The current website was created 8 years ago. It required a thorough modernization, updating and application of modern technological solutions. Apriva's clients are primarily local governments and companies, looking for ecological and modern tools to keep cities and villages clean. Apriva when entering competitions and tenders needs a clear image on the Internet. The marketing of the company wants to show the offer of products and services, the professionalism of the company and a large 12 years of experience.

Witryna internetowa Apriva.pl

What is the purpose of the Apriva.pl website?

Using the Internet, the company intends to acquire new direct customers and tender requests from local government units. It is therefore appropriate to build a simple and functional catalog of products and services offered by Apriva.

Apriva has a very wide range of machines. These are primarily specialized wheel and chassis washers, self-propelled urban vacuum cleaners, mobile devices for washing and disinfecting waste containers, small garbage trucks for bio-waste and a wide range of cleaning systems for industry.

The client already has experience with other CMS systems and unfortunately was not satisfied with any of them. He expected an easy-to-use system from us.

We have proposed Webflow technologies to manage and build the website. We know that the opinions about Webflow are unambiguous. It is very simple and intuitive to use.

Target group

The target group for which we are building the Apriva website is the sector of construction and municipal companies.

Grupa docelowa Apriva

Briefly about the implementation

We started our work by analyzing the brief, talking to Apriva's marketing department and determining the information architecture. This is a very important stage of work, which allows you to determine the basic goals and conditions for success.

Architektura informacji strony www Apriva.pl
Information architecture of the website Apriva.pl

As an agency we have developed our own “know how” of working on web projects. Graphic design, we almost always start with the presentation of the main page. This allows us to develop a kind of “look & feel” of the created website.

The catalog of devices offered by the company is the most important element of the entire investment in the website. Designing a clear product card was extremely important to us.


Clear, simple in form and content management website of Apriva. Product catalog in an extremely functional version. Building brand recognition and awareness in the eyes of potential customers. All this was achieved during the implementation of a new website for Apriva from Poznań.

The CMS created in Webflow is responsible for the ease of editing content.

View online: Wheel and Chassis Washers, Container Washers and Sweepers
Agency Cary One are specialists when it comes to Webflow implementation, which we really cared about. Webflow is a simple form of content management on websites, and the agency has shown commitment and support at every stage of the work.
Katarzyna Kalitka
Technical and Production Specialist
UX/UI Design