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Redesign of the website of a construction company

We redesigned the look and usability of the website of the leading developer in Gdansk, Inpro S.A.

What task did we have?

The transformation of Inpro over the years is visible to the naked eye. Modern designs of buildings, interior design and the entire marketing strategy including online and offline promotion are elements that make up the company's image.

Website redesign is a complex process, especially when a developer is building and selling multiple projects at the same time. So far, we have already designed several websites of development companies, so we were not surprised that the main contractor of the site — Webcumulus, a friend of ours — asked for support in the UI/UX design process of the new website of its long-term client, Inpro.

We took up the challenge and as a subcontractor we started working on the design of a new website, presenting to the client the concepts for the design of the website to be created.

What was the goal?

The purpose of the website of a development company such as Inpro is to present the offer in a simple and transparent way, so that the client can take action to view the property or visit the point of sale of apartments. The website should be a place that will help with the choice of location, area of the apartment, present the attributes of the estate, the range of prices and in a simple way help to contact the Sales Representative of the developer.

The second purpose of the website is to build trust in the company and its employees. In the business of housing construction, design, build quality and a good brand of a developer company are very important. Fortunately, Inpro is a very reputable developer with traditions dating back to the eighties, so it was not difficult to present its positive values and mission.

Target group

Inpro is primarily a company building large residential estates in the Tri-City area. The offer of the company is mainly apartments, commercial and service premises, but also exclusive single-family houses of an increased standard. Starting work on a website, it is worth creating an image of the ideal client by closing his features in the form of a marketing persona. Each estate built by Inpro is really a separate sales and marketing project, the target audience of which may be slightly different. Other needs are characterized by young families with children, other people with higher material status, others singles, and completely different investors looking for apartments for rent in the city center or commercial premises for doing business.

Creating a website for such a wide target audience is extremely difficult. Having experience in designing large corporate websites, however, it is possible to create a universal service with an individual character so that its use is intuitive and useful even for such a wide target group.

Briefly about the implementation

We started the design of the website with the creation of Key Visual, which was to become the design pattern for the entire new Inpro website. We based the graphic design on large spaces between the modules, the so-called white space, to give the whole a breath and space. The company attaches great importance to the useful landscaped space in the housing estates it builds, not sparing space for common areas such as alleys, lawns and playgrounds. So too, there was supposed to be a new website. Clean, transparent with a large “breath” to facilitate the assimilation of content. This approach is proof that decision makers at Inpro are open to bold, modern solutions.

At this stage, we developed the colors of the website, typographies and iconographies. As it turned out, the company continues these patterns on the rest of its advertising forms as well. It can therefore be said that the changes to the website have become the beginning of an evolution in the visual identity of Inpro.

The graphic design of the website for Inpro covered all sections and almost all subpages.

Home page of the Inpro website
Inpro website coloring

Almost a year after the implementation of the website, the company decided to launch a company blog, which is to become a compendium of knowledge for customers and support for seo activities (website positioning). We designed 3 pages of the blog: the main page, the list of articles and of course the page of the article itself.

An important element during the launch of the new website was communication in social media and information in mailings sent to customers and counterparties of Inpro. We have created both creations that are maintained in the new visual style of the company and fully refer to the website.

Graphic for social media informing about the new website
Company newsletter informing about the new website


The implementation of the website for Inpro, which we did together with the main contractor Webcumulus (owner of the HomeDeveloper platform), was one of the most demanding in 2019. Very complex subpages of the service, lots of information, aware and demanding customer. All this made the completion of this project a huge success for us. The UI/UX design itself took more than 3 months, and the work on the entire website was completed after more than half a year of intensive work.

We are very pleased with the effect. The website is now very readable. The new creative line has received recognition from the investor and is being continued on other advertising media, including outdoor advertising.

Online promotional graphics
Outdoor promotional graphics
UX/UI Design