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UX and UI Design of websites and applications

The creation of an online store and business development, expanding activities with online sales, is the goal of many entrepreneurs. The value of the e-commerce market is constantly growing, and research shows that every year the number of people in our country who are happy to buy various goods and services through the Internet also increases. We design and implement online stores and sales pages according to the latest trends in the industry. We direct our activities responding to the needs of the target customer, thanks to which the chance of success increases many times over.

Creation of online stores and eCommerce websites for companies

Sales pages - usability and user experience - eCommerce platforms
Knowledge of web usability is essential in the process of creating websites and sales platforms

At Cary One agency, we implement online stores and build sales websites from scratch, as well as rebrand existing ones. If you decide to design an online store with us, you get:

  • Customized appearance: We make sure that each store 100% meets the expectations of our customers and realistically responds to the needs of a specific target group.
  • Dedicated solutions: We design stores that not only look good, but above all are functional. We help to choose the platform of the store, as well as additional modules and integrations to the specifics of the industry.
  • Possibility of development: We will easily add additional solutions to your store in the future if you find that there is a need for it.
  • Marketing consulting: We offer assistance at every stage of designing an online store, as well as after the implementation of the entire system.
  • Transparent CMS system: Each store is equipped with a CMS panel, which will make it easier for you to operate the system and add new content to the store.
  • High level of security: We use proven and secure eCommerce platforms. We take care of the transparency of the code, the responsiveness of the website and the SSL certificate.

Creating professional online stores — dedicated solutions

Creating online stores begins with choosing the best software solution. Regardless of whether we choose a SaaS platform, a dedicated online store, a solution based on implementation Shopify or Webflow eCommerce, we must know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options. The optimal choice requires that you familiarize yourself with the expectations, the budget of the company and analyze them in terms of each type of software. Thanks to our experience, we are able to advise and verify the plans of a particular company, suggesting what may work out in an individual situation.

See the article: Types of online stores — Dedicated solution, open source or SaaS platform?

We successfully create stores and websites based on the highest quality e-commerce software, we implement:

  • implementations Shopify,
  • implementations Webflow eCommerce,
  • implementations Selly Shop.

We also build dedicated e-commerce platforms and sales pages that sell digital services or products. Such websites are most often based on Webflow and are tailored to the individual needs of the client and the specifics of his industry.

Creating online sales websites — an opportunity for a small business on the web

Online stores are a tool used by companies that have large quantities of products. But what if our company sells them little, or are they services such as training or courses? What if we want to sell digital products, such as e-books, files, reports or audits? The answer to such needs is sales websites.

Having an effective sales website is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to achieve commercial success online, but their products or services are not suitable for sale through classic eCommerce stores. Virtual sales sites, allow companies and web developers to reach a wider range of potential customers. But what exactly makes an online sales website really effective? What are the key factors worth paying attention to?

When creating a sales page, there are several key elements that we pay special attention to. Here are the most important of them:

  • identifying and understanding the needs of the target group,
  • conducting a competition analysis,
  • ergonomic and user-friendly design of the sales page,
  • acceptable performance and speed of the site.
Our offer: UX and UI Design for websites and online stores

Creating an online store - strategy and implementation process

The first step in creating an effective online store is strategy. Questions about the target audience, products or services, how to reach the customer and the business model adopted should be answered. It is also crucial to determine competitive prices and available promotions.

Another important factor is the right choice of e-commerce platform. It is important to choose a solution that meets your requirements and allows you to easily manage your store and sales process.

Creation of online stores - research
The individual design of the online store is always supported by insightful research

The key value for a potential customer is to know whether the store, as it were, goes to his hand. The biggest stores and websites that have dominated their industry pay tremendous attention to every, even the smallest detail. Changing the location of a single button, a field in a form or items on the product card can make the conversion increase significantly, bringing profits to the company. An individual project is something that distinguishes cooperation with a qualified software house, in this case from Gdańsk, from the choice of a ready-made solution.

When you decide on an agency, you can be sure that it will take care of the effectiveness of your interactive product. Here's how we design and implement stores at Cary One agency:

Study of needs

The first step in the process of creating an online store is to thoroughly understand your needs and expectations. Carrying out an in-depth business analysis will allow you to determine the functionalities that your store should have. It will also be a moment to define your target audience, understand the competition and determine your unique value in the market.

Based on the information collected, a technical/functional specification will be created, which will serve as the basis for estimating the time and costs of creating an online store.

Store appearance and design

After understanding your needs, we proceed to the design of the online store. At this stage, we create a professional functional mock-up that reflects the structure and use of the store. Mockup allows you to identify and eliminate errors and doubts related to the appearance and functionality of the store. We take care of the correct arrangement of elements on the store page, the size of buttons, fonts, graphics. UX design allows us to create a clear purchasing path for customers and supports the finalization of orders in the system.

After approving the mockup, we proceed to the creation of the graphic design of the store. We know how important it is to have a beautiful and transparent store look. It is he who determines the final effect and effectiveness of sales. We create online stores based on the smallest details — after all, the first impression is the most important thing. Therefore, we make sure that it is modern, aesthetic and in accordance with the principles of User Experience. Graphic design forms the basis for the next stage - the coding of the online store.

The greatest opportunities in the design of the individual look of the store, gives no doubt Webflow eCommerce.

Coding and implementation of the online store

Based on the graphic design, we proceed to the coding of the online store. Depending on the platform you choose, such as Webflow eCommerce or Shopify, we create a flexible and functional layout. When coding a store, we take care of the proper customization of the architecture to ensure the smooth operation of the store and ease of management.

An important element when coding a store is also integration with various systems, such as payment methods, delivery systems, price comparison sites or sales platforms. These integrations allow you to flexibly manage your store and increase its efficiency.

We create online stores that have:

  • many payment options, from cash to BLIK or paypal;
  • integrations with the warehouse;
  • chatbots that facilitate customer service or placing an order;
  • the ability to add multiple products to the store;
  • the option to add reviews under the product;
  • integrations with social media and paid advertising channels;
  • comparing products;
  • order status notifications.

Testing and launching an online store

Once the coding of the store is complete, we proceed to the testing and launch stage. At this stage, the store undergoes various tests to ensure that all functionalities work correctly and meet the customer's expectations. We also test the responsiveness of the store on different devices to ensure the optimal experience for users.

After completing the tests and making any corrections, the store is ready to launch. We move the store to the destination server and make it available to the client. At this point, we can also provide the necessary training on how to operate the store.

Online store promotion

We know that the design and creation of an online store alone is not enough to conduct effective sales. That is why at Cary One we will prepare your store from the very beginning for future promotional activities, including sending a newsletter, SMS marketing or selling through Allegro or on social media. We will advise you on the best solutions for your industry and implement them.

We also make sure that each store is perfectly adapted for positioning. By opting for an online store at Cary One you can be sure that it will be responsive and the site will load quickly. In addition, we equip each store with an SSL Certificate, a clear website code and appropriate page redirects.

We design online stores that not only support sales, but also have well-prepared Technical SEO. This allows you to run an SEM advertising campaign at the highest possible level.

Professional development of sales websites and online stores across the Globe

Our company offers comprehensive services in the field of creation websites in Global market, online stores, tailored to your individual needs and requirements. With our experience and passion, we can help you succeed in your online sales.

Websites and e-commerce stores in Gdańsk
Websites and online stores for companies from every corner of the world

When running a business, you are probably looking not only for the contractor of the site or store, but also for a partner who will analyze your needs and help you understand the specifics of the Internet. Our company specializes in creating web products and e-commerce projects, combining local tradition with global design standards.

Websites and online stores — examples from Cary One

UX/UI Design

Graphic design of the online store and brand rebranding

We have redesigned the online store Dlabiura24 so that the process of choosing a product and buying it is as simple as possible. The changes that have taken place in the store, also reflect the new logo.

UX/UI Design

Comprehensive design, visual and functional services

Interesting e-commerce always needs an equally interesting graphic design and effective planning of the purchase path in order to sell effectively.

online shops and websites testimonials
We have been cooperating with Cary One for 7 years now. Each year our cooperation is more and more effective and brings an increase in sales in our online stores. I believe that only long-term business relationships based on trust benefit both parties. I highly recommend Cary One!
Jarosław Pielak CEO
Jarosław Pielak-Tralewicz
CEO & Founder Dlabiura24
How do we work?


Understanding the business and the needs of the client
Conceptual works, ideas
UX and UI Design
Deployment of the store/website and tests
Support and development

Tools we use to design websites and stores

We use various tools that improve our communication with Clients and work on web projects. We are also able to use other, new solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business and the environment in which it operates.

Sklepy Shopify
Polska Platforma sklepów internetowych SaaS
Open AI - Chat GPT
Open AI
Udesly, transformuj strony z Webflow do Shopify
Proste i szybkie płatności
Polski koszyk dla Webflow
easy cart
Google Meet
Selly Shop Reseller

We are an Authorized Reseller, the platform of online stores Selly

Selly is a premium online store software that offers personalized design and functionality solutions. We offer templates and custom graphic design services for stores on the Selly platform.

Explore the shops of Cary x Selly
Websites and online stores

Questions and Answers

Why choose Cary One to build a sales website or online store?

In the multitude of different offers on the market of creating sales pages, you may wonder why it is worth choosing our company. Here are a few reasons:

Experience: We are a team of experts with many years of experience in designing and creating websites that sell. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your website will not only be beautiful, but also functional and optimized for users and search engines with above average UX.

Understanding UX principles: As graphic designers, we perfectly understand the principles of usability and User Experience, thanks to which your online store will “go hand in hand” to your customers and users. And this is already a small step towards an effective conversion.

Versatile Skills: We don't just create websites. Our skills also include the development of online stores, web applications and extensive online systems. All this in order to adapt to your needs and goals.

Where is the best place to create sales pages and landing pages?

Choosing the best software for creating sales pages depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some popular options:

1. Webflow: If you are new to programming and want to create responsive websites with an easy interface, Webflow can be a great choice. It has an incredibly simple content editor!

2. WordPress: If you prefer a platform with a lot of themes and plugins available, and you have some basic skills in creating pages, WordPress may be the right option. It's not too expensive!

3. Wix: If you're looking for an intuitive page builder that doesn't require coding knowledge, Wix is a popular choice. Unfortunately, he has few options.

4. Squarespace: If you want an aesthetic and easy-to-use solution that allows you to create pages quickly, Squarespace may be right for you. Like Wix, it has not very great capabilities.

5. By yourself using HTML, CSS and JavaScript: If you are an experienced developer or want to learn coding and have full control over the creation of your site, writing code yourself is a good choice. Unlimited possibilities!

Remember that each of these tools has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on your needs, the time you can devote to learning and the level of advancement you expect from your website. However, it is best to consider outsourcing this activity to a qualified agency.

I only have a few digital products. Do I need a store or a sales page?

If you have only a few digital products, it is possible that the sales page will be more suitable than a full-fledged online store. The sales page is more focused on the promotion and sale of a specific product or several products. It can include descriptions, images, pricing information, and purchase buttons. You can use a platform like Webflow to create an attractive sales page without the need for comprehensive shopping cart support, payment, and inventory management.

What is the cost of creating a sales page or online store?

It is impossible to unequivocally determine the price list for all projects of sites and stores. The creation of online stores is an extremely flexible process, and its costs depend on the size of the store and the solutions implemented in it - for example, integration and payment. Therefore, a brief and a conversation at the very beginning of the cooperation is crucial. They allow both parties to understand each other and adapt the operation of the online store to the surrounding market conditions.

The valuation of websites requires knowledge of the expectations and needs of the customer. Cary One agency will only know the client's needs if they ask the right number of questions about expectations. Developed solutions, knowledge and experience are necessary to propose the right solutions. We know that the client does not know how to program or design for the needs of the Internet. However, he knows how to operate in his industry. We always try to conduct such a thorough interview so that we can create an offer that is attractive for business.

We are aware that only products that have a business justification in the company's activities, a solid strategic foundation and professional contractors have a chance not only to survive in the modern competitive market, but also to overtake the steps of competitors. This professional approach, however, generates considerable costs, which is why in the interactive media industry, designing websites cheap, usually does not mean high quality.

I have a store on the Selly platform. Do you create individual graphic designs for this platform?

Of course! We have over 10 years of experience in designing templates for the Selly platform. Here is one of the examples: Nizio Furniture. Let's talk!

Do you make dedicated templates for stores on Shopify?

Yes, we create graphic designs for online stores like Shopify.

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