Dedicated graphic designs of online stores on the example of Meble Nizio

graphic designs of online stores

Creating an online store by a company requires many important decisions. Each of them will affect the user experience, the ease of use of the store, the possibilities of its development, as well as the level of conversion. Our implementation for Meble Nizio proves that individual and dedicated graphic designs of stores can affect not only customer satisfaction. They are also important in terms of real business benefits.

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Outline of cooperation - Who is the customer?

The client of our agency was Meble Nizio. It has been operating as a manufacturer of premium furniture since the seventies of the twentieth century. Starting to sell online was the next step in the development of the business. Joint consultations, understanding of the needs and vision of the client made it possible to design and implement a fully usable online store on the SaaS platform - Selly (Software as a Service from English software as a service, usually in subscription billing). A solution of this kind made it possible to implement an individual, proprietary graphic design relatively quickly, optimize costs when launching sales, as well as reliability of software updates and ease of use.

The furniture industry is characterized by a huge level of competition. This means that an individual project tailored to the target group, its behavior, as well as the generally accepted principles of web usability is a necessity no matter what platform we choose.

Online store - How to choose a solution individually tailored to your business?

The first challenge faced by the owners wanting to commission creation of an online store was the choice of the most optimal e-commerce solution. Depending on whether they chose a dedicated solution, a SaaS platform or an online store based on open source software, her collaboration with an interactive agency would look a little different. The platform should be matched to the number of products in the future store, the plan for the further development of the company, the degree of sophistication of filters and functionality. The budget allocated for its implementation is also of great importance. Sometimes only a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each solution or consultation with a ux agency will allow you to make a good business decision in the long term.

Owner of furniture manufacturer Nizio, decided to develop online sales based on the platform of online stores in the SaaS model - Selly. This platform has vast experience in running furniture stores, features that allow to optimize sales in this industry and attractive price packages.

SaaS is simply convenient and ideal for companies that want to take care of sales and leave the ongoing development of the platform to someone else.
Jan Nizio
Nizio owner

Choosing a graphic design - What design to choose to get a favorable effect after launching an online store?

Our client immediately after deciding on an e-commerce platform had to choose a template for the graphic design of the online store.

The furniture manufacturer had the choice of a free template provided by Selly or decided to go for a dedicated graphic design of the store. The decision was not easy, as many customers wonder at the beginning whether choosing a free template would not be preferable. However, the specifics of the business and the demanding target audience require a unique design at the highest level, which led to the selection of an individual graphic design of the store.

This does not disqualify free templates from other industries and product categories. However, it is worth remembering that the online store should focus on positive user experiences, as well as respond to their real needs and expectations in the long term. Then it is the individual, dedicated graphic design of the online store that is the best solution. Thanks to this, the store owner can enjoy not only the uniqueness of his project but often much higher conversion, time spent by the user on the site and other indicators that increase the real business value of the venture (ux).

What expectations does the user have regarding the manufacturer Meble Nizio?

Expectations for a manufacturer operating in a particular market segment often differ from those attributed to the furniture industry in a general sense. For example, the target group consisting of young people looking for cheap furniture for their first apartment is significantly different from the one who has just built a house in their thirties. Each of the groups navigates websites differently, and only a professional interactive agency can adapt the project to their needs. Here are the expectations we took into account when planning and implementing the dedicated graphic design of the Meble Nizio store:

  • Ease of finding any piece of furniture you are looking for. No matter what piece of furniture the consumer is looking for, finding it should not take him more than a few seconds. If the online store does not have properly refined filters and functionalities, and the search is unintuitive, the user will quickly give up.
  • The division into collections, which allows the selection of many pieces of furniture that match each other. Users do not always prefer experiments. Wanting to be sure that the products they choose will match each other, they are looking for a manufacturer who will divide their range into collections.
  • A way of presenting furniture that attracts attention and presents every detail of the product. Nizio Furniture is a company that pays great attention to detail. Considering that products such as furniture are bought mainly considering their appearance and usability, it was necessary to take care of the opportunity to properly present photos of furniture and fashionable arrangements.
  • Selection of variants and influence on the final shape of the product. The consumer appreciates the opportunity to choose a specific material, color or element different from the one he sees in the basic offer. The furniture manufacturer and its resources allowed this, and the functionality was designed on the site in an intuitive way for the customer.
  • The image of an expert and high-quality content that builds the brand and concrete feelings in users. For this purpose, we used a blog and descriptions of fashionable arrangements that are a determinant of contemporary trends in interior design.
  • Page structure for easy navigation and access to the most desired information. The user should easily find out the latest styles and trends in interior decoration, or find a phone number or e-mail contact. We have planned every detail so that the user's journey to purchase and the entire interaction with the site is a positive shopping experience for them.

Dedicated graphic designs of shops - Conclusions on the example of Meble Nizio

dedykowane projekty graficzne sklepów internetowych
Shop home Meble Nizio

The customer's purchase path should often be reduced to a minimum, and an individual design of an online store can help with this. The unique design allows you to apply unique user experience principles that influence the user's positive feelings and intuitively reach exactly the desired piece of furniture. It allows you to quickly and easily complete the purchase process. These elements, together with marketing support, build loyalty and a broad community of customers. Creating the desire to own by pointing out trends in the contemporary design of functional interiors is a unique and very effective element of the individual graphic design of the store for Meble Nizio.

projekt graficzny - meblowy sklep internetowy
Meble Nizio product card
View online: Nizio Meble online store

An individual approach and the choice of a competent interactive agency makes the company get not only a useful website www. He gets tremendous business value that he will use in the long term to grow his business and grow his sales. The dedicated graphic design of the online store for Meble Nizio was successfully implemented. Users can now efficiently and unhindered find inspiration for a fashionable interior and place an order for any premium furniture of their choice.

I am very satisfied with the desktop template made by you and as I was assured the team has a really good graphic designer.
Jan Nizio
Nizio owner

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