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New website for Marketplace Business Software House

Deltologic is a Marketplace Business Software House creating dedicated software and automation for sellers on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Allegro and other platforms.

Deltologic and the company's expectations for Cary One

Deltologic is a software house from the IT industry, whose specialization is writing proprietary software to order and building advanced automation. The company is focused on supporting the Marketplace Business sector with a strong focus on the Amazon.com platform. The owners of the company, wanting to appear more aggressively on the American market decided to refresh the image of the company on the Internet. They expected from us a new website, a new fresh approach to the structure of the site. Webflow as a system for building a website was preferred. As a company operating in the USA, Deltologic is aware that the Webflow platform is wildly popular there.

What is the purpose of the Deltologic website?

The main purpose of the website built by us is to obtain requests for services offered by Deltologic. The most important thing was to show the professional services offered by the company and a very rich portfolio of completed projects. In order to increase organic reach in Google search, we built an easy-to-use Blog with categories.

The second important goal was to refresh the image of the company. The design created for the needs of the site is used as a general element of the company's visual communication. Selected typography, colors, created graphic elements such as tonal transitions have become a constant element of communication and visual identity of Deltologic.

Visually attractive tonal transitions used on the Deltologic website

Target group

The target group to which Deltologic's offer is directed are mainly owners of e-commerce companies selling on the largest e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay or Allegro. Building IT solutions and automations for these platforms, the company is also open to cooperation with agencies and companies helping to generate and promote sales in local and global e-commerce markets.

Market for sales of Deltologic services

The target audience of the company is interesting due to geolocations. Delotlogic has by far the highest hopes for development in the US market, as this is where the Amazon retail market is the largest. Other markets are also Germany, the United Kingdom and to a lesser extent Poland (mainly Allegro).

Briefly about the implementation

We started our work by analyzing the brief, talking with the owners and determining the structure of the page, which we wrote down and arranged in the working diagram. Visual development of subpages and their content allows you to better understand the construction of the website and its main sales areas.

Site map Deltologic.com

As usual, we started the design work from the main page, thus developing a look&feel for the entire created website. In the design of the Deltologic website, adequate exposure of YouTube videos was of great importance, as the company conducts very active activities there.

When designing the UX of the site, it was important for us, of course, to increase conversions. An element that we have included on the site in many places is a call to action box, which we have named on the site Deltologic: Work with us.

Bearing in mind our experience and knowledge of the specifics of the IT market, we knew from the very beginning that the website should contain a lot of human elements, photos showing the inside of the company, its team and everyday situations. Because a service company is people. Therefore, while we were working on the website, the client held a photo session at the company's headquarters.

Photoshoot at Deltologic

Some of the designed subpages contain large elements representing numerical values to show visitors - business owners and sales and IT specialists - what tangible and quantifiable benefits of cooperation with the team of specialists from Deltologic brings.

The last element of the design that is worth mentioning is the author's 3D animation placed on the main page made on the basis of the prepared graphic design of the website interface.

It is played in both desktop and mobile versions. It is worth mentioning here that Webflow automatically compresses video elements so that they are played on every possible device without unnecessary interference. In extreme cases of a very slow Internet connection, the user will see a static picture without any movement.

View online: Deltologic - Custom Solutions for your Marketplace Business


In the end, we managed to create a very elegant and modern looking website, which thanks to the implementation of Webflow works quickly, and thanks to a very well thought-out structure and UX, effectively sells and strengthens Deltologic brand awareness. It presents the company's offer, its many years of achievements and the professionalism of a team of IT specialists. Thanks to the blog, its visibility on the web will increase significantly, which will translate into more traffic from the Google search engine and the number of offer queries.

We are very pleased to work with the Cary One team. The design was made with the utmost care, according to a certain schedule. We recommend any IT company to implement a website on the Webflow engine. In the US, the biggest players in the technology industry create websites precisely in Webflow.
Jakob Wolitzki
Co-Founder, Deltologic
UX/UI Design