No-code/low-code agency - Everything you need to know about it

No-code/low-code agency

Under this mysterious name are hidden services that will help develop and improve your business. A no-code agency, like an interactive agency, deals with the creation of websites, stores and applications that build brand images. However, it uses a slightly different technology - no-code development, that is, design without code, using the drag and drop system.

But what exactly is a no-code agency? What is the scope of its services? What to look for when choosing it? This is what you will learn from today's article.

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No-code/low-code agency — specialists in creating individuality on the web

Although the Internet has been with us since the 90s, having a company's own website is still equated with being modern and professional. Especially one with a “wow” effect. Increasingly, however, we are moving away from standard web design solutions. In their place, non-standard ways of creating a site, based on drag and drop technology (drag and drop) - and this is exactly what the no-code agency specializes in.

See: What is no-code design? What is worth knowing about him?

The no-code agency will design a website, an online store, a blog, a mobile application for you, it will also take care of rebuilding an existing website. However, it will do this in a much shorter time, and all thanks to the fact that in the process of design you can practically abandon the idea of writing code line by line. This approach also allows you to focus more on designing the individual functionalities of a given solution, rather than figuring out what the page code should look like.

The work of a no-code agency begins with a thorough analysis of the client and his business environment

Any no-code agency can create a site in technology:

  • No-code: the design of a given solution focuses only on adding specific components, their appearance and individual relationships between them, here we do not write the code ourselves;
  • Low-code: Most of the work is done in the drag and drop system, but more advanced features require the ability to add short code in the system.

Cooperation with a no-code agency - what does it look like?

The scope of activities of a no-code agency is practically identical to an interactive agency, only the technology differs. The cooperation looks similar. It all starts with a long conversation with the client, during which expectations and needs and possible solutions are presented. The purpose of the website or application, its functionality and appearance preferences are determined. And then:

  • the project is valued based on the level of complexity of the project and the type of site or application;
  • UX and UI design begins, which is combined together with the creation of the website, in Cary One we mainly use Webflow;
  • we consult with the client and make the necessary corrections;
  • we test and if everything is ok, we finally deploy the site.

It is essential that you know from the beginning who you will be working with. Large no-code agencies can employ a lot of inexperienced employees, while hiding behind a strong marketing campaign and a nice-looking website. At the same time, information about who will be engaged in the design of the site or application at your place will raise the level of communication and avoid many misunderstandings.

So carefully read the cooperation agreement. Avoid agreements with general rules. A good no-code agency will precisely define the goals that it will pursue in the course of cooperation with your company. Fixes that are implemented on an ongoing basis also play an important role - thanks to no-code technology, you often do not have to wait too long to replace one solution with another.

Services provided by no-code/low-code agency

Own website, blog, mobile application and much, much more — these are the services that no-code agency provides. For this, agencies develop operational strategies, build the visibility of companies on the network and advertise them.

No-code agency services:

  • Creation of websites and online stores;
  • Design of mobile applications;
  • Conducting website audits;
  • Building a brand image on the network;
  • Maintaining a profile on social media;
  • Design of logos and full visual identification of brands;
  • Running a corporate blog;
  • Launch and oversee marketing campaigns, such as Google Ads;
  • Website positioning.

An interactive agency usually focuses on activities related to the online environment. IN Cary One we have moved away from this scheme and we offer our customers in addition:

  • Creation of offline campaigns;
  • Preparation of printed and advertising materials;
  • Creation of 3D visualization and animation.

How to choose a good no-code agency?

Although the number of no-code and low-code agencies is still small, it is worth paying attention to choosing the most suitable one. What to look out for?

No-code agency website

The no-code agency operates in the Internet space. So she must be present there. And it's not just like that. Not only is the position of the website in the search engine for specific phrases, including local and general phrases, but also its visual aspect is important.

The no-code agency website should be intuitive, clear and consistent with the brand image created in other marketing channels. She should invite you to communicate with her, read a blog or send a request for an offer.

If at this stage you are broadcasting on the same waves, it is a good sign. This means that a no-code agency knows its customers and their tastes, so it will do a great job of matching your website and marketing strategy to your target audience.


Mandatory point. If you are interested in a new layout of your website or a refresh of an old one, you probably already have some concepts in mind. Check if the no-code agency satisfies your ideas about the future image of your brand. Review previous implementations and pay attention to the type of navigation, colors or technological solutions.

At the same time, remember that it is the QUALITY, not the quantity of projects shown that matters. When analyzing the portfolio, also pay attention to the industries in which the low-code agency operates. This may be a sign of what they specialize in best, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't work with them.

Sometimes a short inquiry or conversation about a new project is enough to dispel doubts and see if a given no-code agency will actually help you grow your business.

In Cary One Agency You will talk to us free of charge about your needs, we will suggest solutions, and you will choose whether what we propose is for you.

Feedback from other customers

Nothing goes unnoticed on the internet. You can read customer reviews about previous implementations on the website of the no-code agency, as well as on social media (facebook, linked-in) and in the Google search engine.

It is worth getting acquainted with both positive and negative opinions in order to form your own opinion and decide whether a given no-code agency will actually work in practice.

Communication with customers and punctuality

Although we won't check it out until we have a firsthand feel for ourselves what cooperation looks like, we can gently explore the topic by reading customer comments.

What to look out for? A good no-code agency will fulfill its duties in a timely manner. Employees will be happy to dispel all your doubts and explain the actions they carry out so that you understand what you are paying for and what you are gaining. It is important that at every stage of the work the low-code agency informs you about the progress — it can do this, for example, in the form of an e-mail.

Facebook will help you understand how the no-code agency communicates with its community

Social media profiles can become a marker for you to understand how a no-code agency communicates. See in what tone the posts are constructed and how the community around the brand behaves.

The scope of low-code agency services

There are agencies with different range of services and different price ranges. Before you choose your favorite, check if the no-code agency offers exactly what you need. You may end up with a company that offers a lot, but you will only benefit from their help in a small amount and you will incur higher costs. Examine your goals and needs carefully to avoid confusion and loss of money that you could use for a completely different business purpose.


The last factor should be the price. Often the reason for choosing a particular no-code agency is a limited budget, however, this approach can be unsuccessful. After all, the agency builds your corporate image on the network, which will work for you for many years to come.

In addition, it all depends on the size and specifics of the design. There are many Factors affecting the valuation of the site or the application. Before you make your choice in terms of pricing, consider whether a particular no-code agency actually meets all your needs.

It is worth paying a little higher price to get more and in better quality.

Advantages of working with a no-code/low-code agency

A good no-code agency will save your time and money. The specialists working there are well versed in their craft, so they know how to avoid mistakes and how current trends in website and application design are formed. In addition, thanks to cooperation with the agency, you do not have to look for people who will be responsible for the regular conduct of network marketing activities in your company. And as you probably guessed, finding a professional team is not one of the simplest tasks and costs quite a lot.

You will focus on developing your own business. The no-code agency will take care of building the brand image, and you will start improving your services and products or introducing new, innovative solutions.

You can also count on professional advice in any field of Internet marketing and help in the field of website management. The no-code agency has an experienced team that will honestly assess your market situation and help implement what should be implemented.


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