Polish websites on Webflow, get to know 10 unusual inspirations

Webflow poland - unusual inspirations

Webflow is a platform that is gaining more and more popularity among web developers around the world. Poland is not lagging behind, and many local agencies and designers are starting to use this tool to create unique websites for their clients.

In this article, we will look at ten inspiring Polish websites created using Webflow. These sites are distinguished not only by aesthetics, but also by an innovative approach to design, interactivity and pleasure of use.

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Webflow Poland - introduction

At the outset, it is worth noting that the popularity of Webflow in Poland and in the world is growing rapidly. Currently, i.e. July 2023, the total number of websites placed on Webflow has reached the number of more than 420 thousand - this is the number of actually active websites (according to the number of websites). “Webflow Polska” in this list is more than 2 thousand websites made 100% in Webflow (Websites using Webflow in Poland) and located in Poland. It is worth noting here that these numbers are growing rapidly, as illustrated by the following graph:

Number of Webflow pages per 100 thousand of the most popular (2013-2023)

So it is not at all surprising that not only on the global, but also on the Polish market there are so many interesting and inspiring examples of websites made in Webflow technology. Let's take a look at a few of them. We deliberately chose projects representing different industries.

Our offer: Web development in Webflow website is an e-commerce platform that enables the creation of online stores for Polish entrepreneurs. The site uses Webflow to present its products and services in an attractive and functional way. Simple and intuitive navigation makes it easy for visitors to find the information and products they need.

Przykład Polskiej firmy, która wykorzystała Webflow do budowy strony is a portfolio of a creative studio from Gdynia, which specializes in brand design, provides professional branding services. Their website, built using Webflow, impresses with its minimalist design and excellent typography approach. Visual effects add elegance and professionalism to it.

Agencja brandingowa z Gdyni, ma stronę na Webflow

Norbsoft is a Polish company dedicated to the development of custom software, mainly mobile applications. Their website on Webflow provides a clear message of information about their services and projects. Pleasant design and easy navigation allow potential customers to know the potential of the company. Uniqueness is added by a very attractive color scheme and pleasing to the eye micro-animations.

Polskie firmy IT, też wybierają Webflow

The website is the product website of the manufacturer of dog treats of the company Assisi Pet Care Poland. It is a visually attractive catalog of DogWay brand products with photos, composition of products and how to feed our canine friends. Video elements give the site a pleasant atmosphere and modernity.

Polskie firmy FMCG wybierają Webflow
Do you want a website similar to the one above? Let's talk, write to the address:

Key House Development is a Polish, family-owned development company specializing in the construction of modern single-family houses. The company's website built on Webflow showcases their designs in an attention-grabbing way. The applied visual effects and photo galleries allow you to familiarize yourself with the offer and visualizations of current and future investments.

Polscy deweloperzy i ich strony na Webflow
Do you want a website similar to the one above? Let's talk, write to the address:

AutoMapa is a popular Polish navigation application. Their website on Webflow showcases the wealth of features and capabilities offered by the app. Intuitive layout and clear sections allow users to quickly read the information and download the application. Video elements help to understand the unique values of the presented product.

Colours 1944

Pagina is a collection of 100 selected photographs, subjected to precise coloring under the supervision of historians and put together in an amazing, engaging reportage by renowned photographer Chris Niedenthal. The site tells a piece of Polish history - the 1944 Warsaw Uprising in an extremely engaging way. In our opinion, this site is an example of a great approach to useful design.

Polskie Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

AK Nova is an engineering company operating in the waste management sector. On their visually attractive website, made in Webflow technology, we will get to know not only a specialized offer, but also a wide catalog of realized projects throughout Poland.
Do you want a website similar to the one above? Let's talk, write to the address:

The website of the architectural office 3XA is an example of transferring the beautiful and at the same time useful world of good architecture to the Internet. The website made of course in Webflow is beautiful and pleasant to use. Extremely creatively used typography harmonizes with an interesting composition and author's - very nice - photos of the team and the studio itself. Perhaps the most important thing in this type of projects, we will get to know the rich portfolio of architects from 3XA, viewing a lot of photos and getting to know selected case studies. As you can see, the Polish school of architecture is doing very well.

The site of the prosthetic studio Face - Lab is an example of an extremely creative approach to web design. In the era of minimalism, modern and modernist approach to web design, it is rare to find “other” projects in the good sense of the word. You can see a lot of work when processing almost every photo on this page. Being in the digital world, the authors of the site wanted us to have the illusion of browsing their offer on a traditional sheet of paper. That's what they did. Even small Polish local companies can be creative. Webflow is definitely helping them with this.

Where to look for inspiration among Polish website builders in Webflow?

You can look for inspiration among Polish website builders in Webflow on various platforms such as Behance, Dribbble, or Pinterest. Simply enter relevant keywords, such as “Webflow Polish Projects” or “Polish Websites in Webflow,” to find interesting examples of websites created by Polish designers and developers.

Examples of interesting Polish Webflow pages can also be found in social media. Polish web developers and designers certainly have their groups and communities on various social media platforms. The most popular places to start groups are Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit or Discord. In these groups you can find interesting discussions, share projects, ideas and inspirations, and exchange knowledge about web design, including the use of Webflow. It is worth looking for thematic groups related to Webflow and website design in Polish to keep abreast of the latest trends and opportunities. An example would be a Facebook group called Webflow Poland.


Polish websites on Webflow impress with their aesthetics, interactivity and innovation. This platform allows Polish designers and agencies to create unique websites that attract the attention of visitors and provide an excellent user experience. Thanks to such inspiring examples, we can be sure that the role of Webflow in the Polish web services landscape will grow year by year.


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