Video conferencing and live streaming software - what helps with remote communication?

Software for videoconferencing

Software for video conferencing, live broadcasts and constant communication with the team are becoming increasingly necessary for various types of companies. Communication with colleagues, holding meetings and sometimes even trainings, has recently, in many cases, had to move to the Internet. So we have put together tools and applications that help you organize your communication and video conferencing activities in a professional way.

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Software for video conferencing and team communication - How to organize meetings remotely?

The first thing that should be mastered in companies moving to the Internet is current communication. Remote meetings are used, among other things, to discuss ideas, progress on individual projects and communicate important information. In addition, we must also take care of the messenger, which allows efficient exchange of messages when we want to separate professional and private matters by giving up the messenger. What tools have the chance to meet our expectations? What video conferencing programs should you consider?

Google Meets - One of the most popular software for conducting meetings on the Internet, part of the package Google Workspace. It is free and perfectly compatible with the entire Google ecosystem, for example with Google Calendar. You can also share documents, spreadsheets, and other content from Google Drive during meetings. The Google Meet app works on all devices including tablets, smartphones and computers.

Google Meets

Equipes - This is one of the tools and videoconferencing programs available in Office 365. It allows you to efficiently communicate, exchange information about projects and even work together on documents. All because the Teams application has seamless integration with other tools as part of the Windows package. Interestingly, when we want to talk to our project team in the form of a video, we will start such a conversation with a single click on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Microsoft Teams

We will use the free version with limited possibilities, and we will buy the paid plan at a price of 4,20€ in the annual subscription. - A tool recognized as one of the most professional in this type of activity, among software and applications for videoconferencing. It is safe to say that it is also one of the most popular in Poland. No wonder, because meetings, conferences or webinars can be done with a few clicks. Most often, we do not need experience with similar applications for this purpose. Operation is intuitive and easy. In addition to conducting a video call, participants can also exchange insights in the chat. Webinars offers even more features. These include, but are not limited to, quizzes and surveys. If you are thinking of a simple and quick to master meeting tool, Zoom will meet your needs.

The free version allows us to hold a meeting of up to 100 people, which can last a maximum of 40 minutes.

According to the report Okta's Businesses at Work Report 2020, Zoom is the most popular video conferencing app in the world.

Var - Often found in people and companies who want to quickly organize a meeting in the browser. In this way, they save their guests the trouble of downloading any software to their computer. There we have the possibility to create our own room and personalize the link in an attractive way, such as whereby/firmname.

The basic version is available for free, but we have to pay $9.99 per month for the extension.

Slack - Increasingly popular not only in technology companies. It is perfect even in a corporate environment, with several hundred employees. It allows you to easily transfer files, exchange text messages, create common channels (chats with more than one person). Video conferencing is only available in the premium version. We will use this messenger without any problem both from the application and in the browser.

The basic version is available for free, and for the extended version we will pay an amount from $6.67 per month.

Skype - Known for its simplicity and refined over the years, it gives you the option of having several calls at once, sharing screen, video and audio, and even calling with a phone number. Due to the long experience in the market, many people associate Skype and choose it for the first video meetings in the current time.

The application is available free of charge.

Cisco Webex Meetings - Probably the most extensive video conferencing application next to MS Teams, which has a number of features very useful in business meetings. It has an extensive tool for sharing files, has a so-called whiteboard for creating quick sketches, the ability to create surveys, has options not only to share the screen, but also to give control of the screen to another person and several other useful functions.

Webex Meetings

Webex Meeting has been free since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, but for large business applications, subscription plans are available from $12.85 per month.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic Cisco has made the basic Webex Meetings subscription plan available for free, which has helped popularize the program especially in schools and academia.

Houseparty - At the end of the list, we would like to show an industry curiosity, namely Houseparty applications, which in the era of the Covid19 epidemic has become a real hit of the Internet. We analyze programs for video conferencing, however, this application is not a typical program for video conferencing. Houseparty like all the aforementioned applications helps in video connection with our friends, however it is not recommended for business meetings. Of course, group calls can be made here. The difference between the apps we know is that in the process of chatting with friends, we can additionally play online games with them. It is a great tool for spending free time with friends, but meetings with professionals while e.g. discussing the process creating an online store, they are unlikely to be effective here.

Houseparty is a free app.

Software for live on Facebook - How to make a live?

Both private, public and other companies want to maintain constant communication with their audience. It turns out that live on Facebook is currently one of the most engaging forms. The last time has been a real boom in this kind of communication with fans, which is probably noticed by everyone who regularly uses the mentioned medium. Performing live directly from Fanpage can work, but external programs allow you to raise the level of professionalism and aesthetics.

Ecamm en vivo - A software adapted to Apple equipment that gives us great possibilities. With its help we can perform many engaging activities, such as showing comments on the screen, uploading our banner, additional visual effects and generating sounds during the broadcast. If we take a moment to study, we will be able to present a specific topic and conduct regular live broadcasts at the highest level.

Ecamm en vivo

We will use the program in the free version for the first 14 days. Once the mentioned period expires, we will pay 12$ per month with the annual payment.

OOPS - Currently the most popular software to run live on Facebook. Available in a version for any device. The huge range of available functions, the ability to carry out broadcasts in several people and many other improvements make it responsive to the needs of each user. Most of the time, however, we will have to spend a long time configuring the settings that fit our equipment. Once we do that, a professional Facebook live is only a matter of time. Even when we approached the topic completely green at first.

The application is available for free.

Periscope - It has a very easy and intuitive user interface that makes the application really easy to use. It offers options to search for other broadcasters or stream your own surroundings. There is a list of popular and recommended streamers, which is an easy way to find popular live sessions and to watch them by name, place or broadcasters using sports tags, music, etc.

The app is exclusively available for smartphones, free for both Android and iOS.

Livestream - The application is probably the market leader in the field of live video broadcasting. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems, although most of its users use it for professional purposes with high-end video cameras and webcams.

Vimeo one of the largest video sharing platforms next to You Tube, took over the entire service at the end of 2017 Livestreamto provide its users with the ability to stream live video.

Professional tools for organizing webinars remotely

Webinar is another activity that more and more people are happy to organize. Webinar is a free translation webinar. Connects the presentation of a given issue or set of issues to the presenter view. There are tools dedicated specifically to this type of activity, and using them increases the quality and professionalism of the entire venture.

GoToMeeting - One of the easiest to use tools for organizing the seminars mentioned above. A few clicks are enough to create a room and invite the crew. The whole thing is done without excess configuration, and the operation is not a problem even for a person who is not tech-savvy.


The price of the tool fluctuates within 550 zlotys per year.

Webinar en vivo - If you want to record meetings in good quality (full HD), interact with the group, divide it into smaller rooms during the webinar and many other options, this may be the tool for you. Especially when you value products made in Poland. Without a doubt, which, moreover, is confirmed when reading reviews on the Internet, is worth the money.

The price, on the other hand, is about 560 zlotys per year of use. For small meetings of up to 5 people, access to the application is for 0 PLN.

ClickMeeting - It may also happen that the previously mentioned tools will seem insufficient to us. We may have the feeling that we need a complete solution that will solve all our problems related to the organization of the seminar. ClickMeeting allows us to have all options in one place. This is not just a regular webinar app. In it we will also find options for invitations of participants, registration system and others. The whole thing does not require complementary online products.

However, this has its price, because in a year we will pay an amount of about 1800 zlotys.

Summary - Remote work not so scary

Remote work may initially be associated with disorganization and lack of contact. It doesn't have to be that way. Since we are already in a situation where we have to temporarily move to the Internet, it is necessary to take care of the tools and adjust the way of working. This is only temporary, but every day, regardless of the situation, is another cost for the company. The above applications will allow us to more easily navigate through the activities related to communication in a remote form. We hope that you will easily choose something for yourself.


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