Working as a Webflow Developer, what does it entail?

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An extremely niche profession, great competence, even greater earnings and the possibility of remote work - working as a Webflow Developer seems to be a dream. What does she consist of? Who can become one? And how to start to catch the most interesting job offers in Poland?

In this article you will learn:

  • what are the duties of a Webflow Designer;
  • How Webflow Developer differs from Webflow Designer
  • how to get the first job;
  • is it worth looking for a job as a Webflow Developer in Poland.
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What does Webflow Developer do in Poland?

Webflow Developer's work is mainly related to the implementation and Web development in Webflow. The person in this position implements the site design prepared before Webflow Designer, turning it into a fully functional page. For this, it uses the functionality of Webflow itself, as well as its own knowledge of HTML, CSS or Java Script, to “reprogram” unusual solutions, not available directly in Webflow.

This is a profession that involves large earnings, adequate to the knowledge you have. Webflow Developer often works with agencies, graphic designers and Webflow Designers. Its task is not only to implement the site so that it is intuitive, safe and functional for the user, but also to update it and catch the problems that occur on it.

Webflow Developer is responsible for:

  • front end development, i.e. implementation of what can be seen directly on the website in Webflow;
  • back end development, i.e. programming invisible elements, responsible for website loading speed or integrations.

Sometimes - when the situation requires it - Webflow Developer trains clients to use the CMS (Webflow Editor) system of the prepared website.

Working as a Webflow Developer, you will not only program the pages, but also take care of them and expand them with new functionalities and elements.

Features of the perfect Webflow Developer

A person in this position must be tuned to constantly hone their skills. Knowledge of industry trends, new technologies and solutions for customers is essential. You do not update your knowledge, you are left behind. Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills will also be useful.

Among the vacancies for the position of Webflow Developer we can additionally find:

  • the ability to work under time pressure;
  • good organization of work;
  • communicativeness;
  • ability to work in a team.

Working as a Webflow Designer - Scope of Responsibilities

Webflow designer deals with the visual part of the website. He is responsible for creating mockups that respond to the needs of users. Such a person is a combination of a graphic designer with a UX designer. He makes sure that the site is intuitive to use and presents itself well. Working as a Webflow Designer also means designing user paths and striving for the greatest possible conversion on the site.

At the same time, Webflow Designer deals with the implementation of the website in Webflow with the help of the functionalities available in the system. However, it does not have as extensive knowledge as Webflow Developer in the field of various programming languages - so it is not able to implement solutions that are not available directly in Webflow or create the necessary integrations.

Working as a Webflow Designer involves:

  • UX design, i.e. designing websites that are intuitive and simple to use;
  • UI design, that is, designing the appearance of websites that are clear and nice looking;
  • implementation of designed solutions in Webflow.

Let's add at the end that Webflow Designer needs to know the style of the brand - he knows what colors to use on the page and what fonts will work best. It is he who is responsible for the arrangement of individual elements on the site and their appearance. At the same time, he knows the capabilities of Webflow and knows what solutions are possible to implement on the site.

Webflow Developer vs Webflow Designer - how are they different?

Webflow Developer's responsibilities are much smaller than Webflow Designer. The designer's work is based on the creation of site mockups, including the layout, appearance and functionality of individual elements on the site, as well as the implementation of these elements in Webflow. The developer, on the other hand, turns the mockups created by the designer into a real, working website with Webflow and various coding languages and cannot design an intuitive website on his own.

Webflow Designer will handle the design and implementation of a simple website in Webflow, and Webflow Developer, to do this, needs the help of a designer to prepare visual mockups of the site.

Working as a Webflow Developer/Designer - how to get started?

Computer science education will be useful. However, it is not a necessity. In the Webflow Developer/Designer profession, skills and portfolio are more important. So if you are a self-taught person who has been creating your own designs for the drawer for many years, it's time to show yourself.

It is necessary to know Webflow, its individual modules, capabilities and integration. So courses will come in handy - also in the online version. The portfolio is also important. It would be good if it was also done with the help of Webflow. Show in it your site designs, preferably divided into several thematic categories. Also, make sure to update your projects regularly.

And regularly send resumes to companies, mainly agencies. You can also try to search for customers on your own. But it is a higher driving school and beginners can cause problems.

Where does Webflow Developer/Designer live?

It is impossible to unequivocally determine the amount of earnings in these professions. They depend on the type of employment (UoP, B2B or civil law contracts), as well as on the qualifications you have or the level of complexity of a given project. Thus, for example, Webflow Developer and Webflow Designer on a B2B contract will receive from 7000 to even 17 000 PLN per month.

The settlement itself can be carried out in a monthly form or for a completed project.

Job market in Poland for Webflow Developer and Designer

More and more people in Poland decide to have their own website in Webflow. It often becomes a more interesting and luxurious alternative to Wordpress. However, despite these trends, the number of specialists still fluctuates at a very low level. People with knowledge of Webflow are therefore highly valued and can count on high earnings. There is also a huge field for development.

Where to look for a job as a Webflow Designer?

As a Webflow Designer, you can look for work on a variety of platforms and web design environments. Here are a few places where you can start your search:

  1. Job portals: Check out popular job posting sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed,, Rocket Jobs, Doing Good, the:protocol to find jobs related to Webflow design. In Poland, the most popular are, No Fluff Jobs and Goldenline.
  2. Designer Communities: Join groups on social media platforms like Facebook, Slack, Reddit, or Discord that focus on web design or specialize in Webflow. Job advertisements are often posted in these groups.
  3. Interactive agencies and design studios: Research creative agencies and design studios that offer web development services. Contact them directly to find out if they are looking for Webflow designers.
  4. Professional networks and industry events: Search for industry events, conferences, networking meetings or webinars where you will be able to network with potential employers or clients.
  5. Own portfolio: It is important that you have an online portfolio where you will showcase your skills in designing on Webflow. The portfolio will be your business card and will allow potential employers to evaluate your skills.

Keep in mind that regular ad tracking, activity in online communities, and a properly presented portfolio can help you find a job as a Webflow Designer.

Webflow Designer can specialize and become a Webflow Developer. In both cases, remote work is possible, as well as cooperation on virtually any terms - from a classic employment contract, to your own company or freelance.

Webflow Freelancer

Full-time or contract work has many advantages, the most important of which are the possibility of development, stabilization and social contacts. However, for some professionals, freedom and self-reliance may be overriding values. In this case, it is possible to work as Webflow Freelancer (freelancer).

A Webflow freelancer is a single person who works independently, often remotely. This is a person who specializes in designing, creating and maintaining websites using the Webflow tool. They often have broad competencies of both developers and designers.

Being specialists in a narrow field Webflow freelancers usually work on smaller projects or individual websites.

Advantages of working with Webflow Freelancer

Being a Webflow freelancer you should know the competitive advantages that will make the Client think about this type of collaborator. The agency has many advantages there is no doubt, but as a Webflow Freelancer, you can guarantee:

  • low price: convince the Client that it does not always have to be low quality, remember that freelancers do not bear the costs of hiring employees or servicing the office;
  • shorter term: freelancers also work in the evenings and at night, so they can make their schedule more flexible if your client cares about an instant deadline for the creation of the site;
  • assurance that the work will be performed by the same person who executed the order from the portfolio: This is especially important when you like a certain style of website design.

When is it not worth taking on orders as a Webflow Freelancer?

Especially if you are dealing with a large project. Often the site itself is not everything. Many Clients can expect a strategy of activities on the Internet and that the person or company with whom they will cooperate, also:

The problem may also be the need for above-average creativity, which is usually required by large and more complex projects. As a single freelancer, you don't have access to the agency's secret weapon — brainstroming. This is one of several techniques to stimulate creativity. And it is only possible in a team that the Webflow freelancer does not have. Thanks to this, it is the agency that has the chance to generate more creative ideas.

Brainstorming w agencji to przewaga nad Webflow Freelancerem
Brainstorming in the Agency is an advantage over Freelancer Webflow

Webflow jobs for freelancers

You have made decisions and you already know that the Webflow Freelancer career is for you. But sooner or later you will be faced with a dilemma of where to look for projects, orders and announcements. Friends, family and word of mouth is of paramount importance. Social media will certainly help. But what next? First of all, regularly review sites with orders for freelancers. Create profiles on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Use me or SoftwareSUP, where you can get orders to be executed as an independent Webflow specialist.

So, if you feel strong enough to win orders yourself, take care of your Client, take on business risks, you do not need stability and “someday”, working as a freelancer may turn out to be a good life choice for you. Good luck!

Looking for a job in terms of creating pages on Webflow? Write to the address: Tell us about your experience, send us your portfolio and CV.

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