How to effectively conduct SEO in Webflow?

SEO w Webflow

SEO activities in Webflow are simple to implement. This is helped by an intuitive CMS system, as well as easy access to many functionalities related to the positioning of the site. What does it look like in practice? And is it worth opting for Webflow if we want to take care of a good visibility of the site in Google?

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Is Webflow good for SEO?

Of course it does - although the software itself is only the tip of the iceberg. Even the best ones will not give you perfect results for SEO. Webflow strongly supports the positioning of the site, but still most of the work is on the side of the positioner or interactive agency, which takes care of the rest of the activities related to improving the operation of the site.

The biggest role is played by strategy - properly selected content marketing, internal linking and links from outside the site. Keywords responsible for conversion, sales funnel and UX of the site are also important.

However, SEO in Webflow gives you a solid foundation for conducting subsequent positioning activities.

Webflow and Wordpress - which is better for SEO?

Both systems, managed in an appropriate way, contribute to the development of the site and raise its position in the organic results of Google. However, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects that make Webflow definitely win in SEO. Why?

Webflow is faster and lighter than Wordpress

And all through pure source code, which is generated by Webflow. This makes the site load faster and unexpected errors do not appear on it. And in addition, Google robots analyze the website faster and more efficiently in terms of its subject matter under SEO.

Webflow has no plugins

Wordpress enthusiasts love it for its myriad of plugins. We will find plugins for practically everything here. However, it is these that can contribute to the load of the site and, for example, problems with the display of certain elements on the page.

Webflow does not have these features. So SEO works much better, because there are no plugins that slow down the performance of the site.

Better hosting for SEO

Webflow is famous for its stable Amazon servers. They are practically indestructible. Safe and fast hosting works salutary for the positioning of the site.

See our comparison: Webflow vs WordPress, which platform to choose?

Webflow and SEO - technical issues

Now let's take a look at 9 elements in Webflow that make positioning much easier.

Site Indexing

In order for Google to freely index the site, you must first allow it to do so. Therefore, the first step - launching SEO in Webflow - is to start indexing.

In the SEO settings, the function of disabling indexing in Webflow should be unchecked - as in the photo below. This gives you full control over the date of your first indexing and can only schedule it when you have created a database of valuable content.

Indeksacja witryny w webflow

Built-in SSL certificate

It plays an important role in positioning. An SSL certificate provides a secure, encrypted connection for your customers, which is especially important for webshops on Webflow - due to the large amount of private data transmitted.


Since 2018, with the introduction of the “Mobile First Index”, Google has favored sites that are mobile-friendly. And Webflow allows you to design it in a simple way.

This ensures that your website will always look great — regardless of the size of the screen on which it is displayed.

Responsywne wersje strony w Webflow
Preview what different versions of a page look like in Webflow

Clear page structure in Webflow

Website positioning in Webflow begins at the stage of building a clear and logical structure of individual subpages. This is especially important for extensive websites - with dozens of subpages within the site.

In this regard, the software also gives advice. We will strengthen SEO in Webflow, taking care to add an orderly structure of individual links, in accordance with previously established rules, e.g.:


It is also important to optimize the URLs correctly, keeping in mind the placement of keywords in the content and describing in them what the user will actually find on a given subpage.

SEO-transparent structure of subpages in the Webflow panel

301 redirects

They are of particular importance in the case of non-existent pages. Done correctly, they transfer the power of SEO to a new subpage in Webflow. In the panel, it is very easy to perform such a redirect, minimizing the risk of an error.

Site Map

Webflow automatically creates a sitemap for the programmed page. It is from it that Google robots draw information about all subpages - and can efficiently index them. Remember that the site map should be free of pages with errors and those that we do not want to position.

Integrations with Google tools

The effectiveness of SEO in Webflow depends mainly on the analysis of implemented activities, keywords and competitors. And for this, 2 tools work great:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

In a simple way, we will integrate Google tools with the page in Webflow. And the information obtained about keywords or bounce rate will allow us to improve the current performance of the site for customers.

Quick access to robots.txt

It is thanks to him that Google robots know which pages should be indexed and which ones can be skipped. We will generate it in the site settings, in the indexing section.

Page 404

Often overlooked, although properly designed, it reduces the bounce rate. In Webflow, it can be created in any way, tailored to the character of the brand.

SEO in Webflow - content and links

The key role in the positioning of websites - including those on Webflow - is played by 2 elements:

Content attracts customers to the site, builds a relationship with them and encourages them to buy. Not only their content is important, but also a clear structure, headings or selection of keywords. The content itself is not just specialist articles. In this space we can also talk about videos or infographics.

See more: How do you create content that impresses? Content marketing in a nutshell

It is also worth taking care of the correct marking of each content on the site in the form of meta tags. This is possible in the SEO Settings in Webflow, along with the preview in the search engine.

  • Meta title: The title of the page displayed in the search engine. Its length should be within 60 characters. It is worth including keywords in it - the closer to the beginning of the title, the better.
  • Meta description: The description of the page, visible under the title SEO in Webflow, should consist of about 160 characters, along with keywords and click-through content. This meta description does not have a direct impact on positioning, but it can increase conversion.

The last element is linking. SEO in Webflow is mainly influenced by external links that build the authority of the site, as well as internal links, creating a clear structure of information on the website.

Only attention to the three elements of positioning (technical aspects, content and links) gives you the full power of possibilities - both in SEO in Webflow and in the case of a website built on another system. In our agency, we take care of this comprehensively, so you can be sure that your website will not only look beautiful, but also attract customers to it.


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