How to create content that impresses? Content marketing in a nutshell

Content marketing

Ordinary content is everywhere. The idea that “content is a king” has gone so far in the world that its meaning has become soiled. You can create ordinary and even quite interesting texts, but it will still be difficult for you to reach those audiences that you would like to reach. Modern recipients are demanding and do not pay attention to ordinary things. To stand out, you need to step into a new level of content marketing. Only then will you notice the benefits of its preparation.

How to get down to this unusual job? How to create content that the audience wants to consume? Let's check!

Why waste sentences without saying anything?

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Content marketing — what does the definition say?

Content marketing is valuable content for a potential customer. The question remains, what does it mean to be valuable? Dry transmission of information, even the most shocking in a boring way does not work. It is important to arouse emotions, surprise, make the reader happy, shock.

Content marketing is ideal to fully show the personality of the brand. And here we have a lot to show off, because every company is different. No two car repair shops are the same, no two identical baby accessories stores. Every company is unique and content marketing helps us to show that uniqueness.

The problem is that not everyone knows how to stand out, because many believe that they are not doing anything worthy of attention. And this is not true.

Aby przyciągnąć odbiorców musisz stworzyć treść, która będzie inna niż wszystkie - content marketing, narzędzia, korzyści, rodzaje
To attract an audience you need to create content that will be different from all.

In texts, videos, infographics, go out to the audience with empathy. What's he looking for? Why does he care what you have to say? Make him feel that he is gaining something - knowledge or something he can share with others. Maybe thanks to your work, his life will change 180 degrees? Or will you just improve his mood?

Types of content marketing

The first type of content marketing that probably comes to mind is articles. This is the basis. Post them on your company blog, but not only. Take advantage of the wide possibilities of the Internet and publish content on other sites - guest on friendly sites or for a fee (in both cases offering added value to the other party).

But customers are more demanding today, so in addition to Creating classic content you also need:

  • Infographic - This colorful, pleasant to perceive form is loved for its clarity and unique way of presenting data. Use it when you show statistics or an action process;
  • E-books - free, valuable knowledge for subscribing to the newsletter? Great! Just remember that the e-book should actually bring something new to the life of the recipient. Otherwise it will not open at all;
  • Vídeo - attracts more and more attention, and to this it involves additional senses. A well-made video will show the uniqueness of the brand and spread quickly;
  • Email Marketing - effective as hell, if instead of just selling, you give the recipient added value. Reward subscription to the newsletter by receiving a discount, an e-book or access to a database of interesting articles on the blog;
  • Podcasts — they are for you if you want to follow the trends; Agora study showed that more than 25% of Internet users regularly listen to podcasts and rate them as more reliable than traditional media;
  • Free Courses/ Webinars — huge reach and mutual communication are two important advantages of this type of content marketing. If you have something interesting to convey, take advantage of it and increase the reach of the brand.

For a given type of content marketing to be effective and stand out among many others, create it with heart and empathy and adapt it to what your customers want from you.

Promote your content on your website and in various social media channels. Don't use all the places at once - you won't have enough time to create truly unique content. Choose a few media and there do marketing for the whole, matching the message to the life of the audience.

How do you create killer effective content for the internet?

The key to writing an effective and engaging text for the web is a good work organization and great empathy. In order for content marketing to stand out, you still need a good analysis of the competition - so as not to duplicate what they have done before.

In a world of unlimited opportunities and limited time, consumers are bored with the ordinary.
Seth Godin
Author of books in the field of marketing

Answer yourself 3 questions:

1. Who cares what you have to say?

Who are the people who might like your company? Learn about their interests, the way they express themselves, and what causes them the most emotions. Also check their level of knowledge - there is no point in creating content that is banal for them. Also know the places where they stay most often - there you will publish your content.

2. What do you really want to say?

In good content marketing, added value matters. Create content that identifies your brand and communicates something cool to your audience. Do not forget to stir emotions, your text should flow.

3. Will Google understand you?

Organic site visits are gold. But first you need optimization under Google. Find the right keywords and saturate the text you create with them. And, do it better than your competition.

Dobra treść sprawia, że ludzie sami zaczynają o niej mówić - Content marketing kompletny poradnik
Good content makes people start talking about it

And then create corporate content. Sign in webwriting rules and additionally:

  • appeal to emotions, the creation of modern content is not just dry facts;
  • show something that the competition did not show or show what it showed, but in a more detailed way or in another form;
  • take care of a consistent brand image in the texts, but at the same time do not be bland (to be noticed you need an expressive personality);
  • be where your competition has not yet managed to be;
  • do not be afraid to use risky moves, who does not risk this one does not have;
  • remember: ordinary texts are already practically not noticed by anyone, there are many blogs on the network that no one visits;
  • take care of distribution - promote yourself where your audience is.

The Benefits of Good Content

Unusual, ripping the recipient out of his shoes content marketing is currently the only right way to build your own brand identity that stands out from the crowd. It allows companies to grow, expand their fan network and consequently reach more satisfied audiences.

very good content marketing results in such benefits strong:

  • makes your business noticed in the market by customers;
  • builds the original personality of the brand;
  • you gain trust and create a friendly image (especially when you share really useful content given in an interesting way)
  • you will be found by real geeks who will start talking about your company for free;
  • you will build a professional image (you will be an expert with a human face);
  • traffic to your site will increase and it will start to appear higher in Google;
  • you will increase sales (as a result of combining all the benefits at once).

The only rule that you have to adhere to in the modern world is: be unusual, different from everyone, even strange. Because it is this kind of content that the recipients remember and transmit.

Tools to support the creation of effective content for the web

There are a lot of them, today we will focus on only a few of them. In addition to the text editing program, you will also find tools for taking notes, for SEO and for distributing content on the web. In turn.

To collect materials and inspiration, you can use getpocket. Quickly and from any device you can save your favorite pages, articles or videos. Nothing will ever miss you and will allow you to calmly review all the materials you have collected. And then creative writing.

For keyword analysis, tools from Google (Trends, Google Ads and Google Search Console), as well as external tools such as Ahrefs or Moz will be useful. Thanks to them, you will get information about the popularity and competition of specific key phrases.

When distributing content, use social media, as well as your own page. Post to external, friendly sites, and see how your audience views your site with Hotjar.

Spice up your content with infographics created in Canva or Crello. Powtoon and Biteable will help you create your own animations.

And if you don't have an idea for a blog post title and need outside inspiration, take a look at Answer the public and Portent.

Content marketing in e-commerce

Creating valuable content is the basis for the good functioning of any online store. Thanks to them, you establish relationships with the audience and increase the company's reach. Content marketing on a blog, in the form of a video or newsletter will show what values the brand is guided by and thereby increase the likelihood of attracting geeks of certain solutions to itself. And in many cases it will turn these geeks into real customers.

According to the Demand Metric & Referral Candy survey, 70% of consumers prefer to engage with a brand in the process of reading valuable text or viewing an enjoyable infographic than a simple ad.

It is worth betting on unique product descriptions and personalized newsletter, in which we will inform customers about news, curiosities in the store and attractive discounts. At the same time, we will deliver valuable content to the audience shared on the blog or social media.

To, however, content marketing in e-commerce to be deadly effective, you need to plan marketing strategies with a clearly defined goal and strictly stick to it.


Today's consumers demand that entrepreneurs adapt more and more to their expectations and needs. It is not enough to simply write and publish a blog post - you need to stimulate emotions, surprise, entertain and teach, but in a way that is preferred by the recipient. Fortunately, the multiplicity Types of content marketing, the help of tools and the experience of marketers allow you to choose and apply truly deadly effective actions.


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