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The 21st century has brought us many modern solutions for diabetics. Pumps, CGMs, smart foams and finally - diabetic closed-loop systems. Technology, however, has the ability to outgrow us, which is why we often seek support from the community, knowledge, instruction or a helping hand. The Diabetes Tech Fest conference was created to facilitate entry into the world of “diabtech”, to share knowledge and simply to meet a friendly person with the same problems.

Among our friends, families and clients there are many people struggling with the problem of diabetes. That is why we gladly supported the organizers of the Diabetes Tech Fest 2021 conference and designed their website completely pro bono and graphic elements so needed in the promotion of the event.

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Website Diabetes Tech Fest

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the program of the conference and, of course, take part in it. All the necessary information can be found on the website: Diabetes Tech Fest 2021

Diabetes Tech Fest 2021

Free Expo, where top companies producing equipment for diabetics, lectures and workshops will be exhibited - all this already in March, in modern Gdynia. It is worth mentioning that the main partner of the project is the company ROCHE Diabetes Care Poland.

As part of the conference, it will be possible to meet for free with companies that want to present their solutions for diabetics. For security reasons and so that more people can get acquainted with the offers of partners - registration is divided into 2 days.

On the first day there will be lectures from the main stage, where admission will be paid due to a very limited number of seats. On the second day, we plan to hold workshops on psychology, dietetics and setting up and configuring DYI closed loop systems
Jarosław Jerry Gilewicz
Conference maker

Together with the new version of the website, the organizer launched a special Newsletters, the purpose of which will be to inform subscribers about the news in the world of diabetes technology. At first once a month, target 2 times a month.

What did we create for the conference?

First of all, we designed the website.

We also took care of the graphic materials in Social Media:

Cover image on the portal Facebook
Post image on the Facebook portal

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