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Many people know that feeling when blog post ideas run out just after you've written dozens of articles. Unfortunately, after a while, it turns out that this is only a fraction of the topics that can be addressed on the company's website. What to do when there is a lack of creativity? How to run a company blog so that you never run out of new topics?

Creating unique and creative blog posts has many benefits. First, such content stands out from other blogs, which attracts the attention of readers. Second, original blog posts can help build the image of an expert in a particular field, which can help boost readers' trust. In addition, creative content is more likely to be shared on social media, which can bring more reach and more visibility to your blog. Below we have collected proven practices that greatly facilitate the creative process.

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Blog Post Ideas — What to Write About?

Even in a situation where topics are seemingly lacking and we cannot cope with the generation of new ideas, there are several ways out. All we have to do is familiarize ourselves with the proven structures and decide which one best suits our business and the expectations associated with the blog.

pomysły na posty na bloga
Where to get blog post ideas?

Generating creative blog post ideas can be difficult, but there are a few strategies that can help you in the process. First, consider conducting a brainstorming session in which you write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Don't judge them at first, just write everything down. Then go through your notes and choose the ones that seem the most interesting and original. You can also get inspired by reading other blogs, browsing social media, or talking to others in your field.

When looking for an idea for a post, learn from the best

One of the ideas that will help you verify what kind of content people are reading on the internet is to look at the most popular blogs. An example of a compilation that is very popular year after year is Share Week. The action started a few years ago by Andrzej Tucholski consists of submitting his favorite creators (by other creators). Then the votes are counted and the most recommended blogs are selected. The goal is to identify the blogs that inspire others in the blogosphere the most.

Contrary to what you might think, the blogging industry is not dying out at all. However, you need to create texts in such a way that they are tailored to the recipient. They gave him exactly what he was looking for when he entered the site in question.

SHARE WEEK is a compilation of creators who inspire other creators the most in a given year.

Liczy się “jakość”, fajność, wpływ tekstów na życia innych autorów. Liczy się to, kogo się akurat najbardziej, mówiąc kolokwialnie, “kocha” 🙂 Nie jest to w żadnym wypadku ścisły ranking. Mamy za to do czynienia ze wspaniałym wglądem w spektrum uwagi blogosfery oraz szansę na podejrzenie trendów wzrostowych, zanim jeszcze staną się wielkie.
Mówi Andrzej Tucholski o akcji na swoim blogu

By the way, these types of summaries can also be an interesting idea for blog posts for your business. Maybe you should consider creating a similar ranking in your industry? We have described this idea among the following to help you get more inspiration.

Compilation 2019: Most recommended blogs in Poland 2019 — SHARE WEEK results

Another place where you will check out the most popular creators at the current time are SotRender reports. These will show you the most popular creators on social media, and as you might have guessed, many of them also run their own websites. Check out what they feature on them and how they organize content and community, along with other factors to gain more fans and keep them present.

Raporty jako źródło pomysłów tematów postów na bloga
SotRender Reports

You will check there and download reports on the popularity of accounts in various media. You can also easily adjust the industry view. We recommend that you check what works best in your industry so far and arouses the most interest of users. You don't have to check everything.

Choose the industries that interest you the most and then analyze a few of the most popular profiles to see what kind of content they post.

And once we know the tactics of the most popular companies and creators, it's time to take a look at your backyard. See what forms of articles you can use to build an engaged community and site traffic that in turn translates into increased profits.

Case studies

A case study can work on a company blog in any industry. When planning an article of this type, we should analyze our cooperation with customers or recent orders in the online store. Let's take a look at customer reactions to our service or direct contact with one of our resellers. Did any of the users thank you for a job well done? Was anyone impressed with the level of service? If the answer to at least one of the above questions is yes, it is worth creating case studies in which we describe the case step by step. Thanks to this, potential customers have a chance to see that cooperation with us is pleasant and efficient.

An example is, for example, case studies our agency. When creating them, we took care of the appropriate structure, customer reviews, and wrote the whole thing in simple language. All this so that the article is understandable also to people who are not directly related to the industry.

If you are wondering how to make a good case study, also in the form of an article on a company blog, we encourage you to read extensively Jacek Klosinski. It tells about which elements should be included in it in order to make a better impression on the audience and interest them.


A type of text for a blog that we often see on the websites of various organizations as the end of the year approaches. It is then that the time comes to see what has been achieved in the company and what could have been done even better. By describing in the pages of a company blog what challenges we faced as a company, how our development path went or what products we managed to introduce, we gain confidence and show that we are authentic.

An example?

  • Summary of the year in the electric car industry
  • How has trading changed in 2020? Summary in the e-commerce industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Some companies post frequently asked questions in a special tab called “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions). If, on the other hand, we do not have such a tab, and at the same time we are wondering what to write about on a company blog, the topic may turn out to be ideal.

If you don't know what questions users are asking and what they don't know about your services, you should listen to their needs. Creating questions intuitively may not work as well as filling a real information gap in the audience. How to do it? It will be best if you find a place where potential customers are and simply ask them. Such places include, but are not limited to:

  • groups on Facebook,
  • mailing list,
  • organized study.

You can also send a survey created in a tool called Google Forms, for example, to several people. They should meet your needs. By choosing such a strategy, you also have the chance to build an engaged community that feels that it influences the shape of the content created by the company. FAQs can create interesting blog post ideas while being an engaging marketing tool for users.


Most often, customers buy things and services that they know. So why not show reviews of products popular in our industry or the services that our competitors offer? By collecting similar information as a whole and describing step by step the experiences that have accompanied us during the use of a product or service, we increase our chances of interest to potential customers. Most often, they enter to read these types of articles because they see value in them that will help them later make the right choice. This is a great blog post idea for the eCommerce industry!

If we are not sure which products are the most popular in our industry, let's use the available data. Then you have at least two options.

Option 1

If you have a website or store and you monitor it with Google Analytics, look there to see what interests you the most. For example, you may discover that people leave the product and do not complete the transaction. Maybe it's due to too little information? By writing a blog where you put a thorough review and putting a link in said product, you make the user now have everything they need to purchase. You, on the other hand, enjoy more movement.

To see which subpages are most popular on your website, once you enter the Google Analytics dashboard, go to:

  • Behavior → Overview
pomysły na posty z google Analytics
Source: Google Analytics

See what's the most popular? It's time for a comprehensive review!

To see where your users are leaving when they wander through your site, go to:

  • Behavior → Changes in behavior

Do they come from a product that, in your opinion, completely meets the requirements of a potential consumer? Try to put more information about him in the article.

Option 2

If you cannot use the data from the site or do not want to do so, all is not lost yet. You can also explore how the general trend in your industry is shaping up. You will do this with the help of the Google Trends tool, which will show you if interest in a particular product group is increasing over time. This will make it easier for you to decide whether to write a specific review for a company blog.

pomysły na posty na bloga z Google Trends
Blog post ideas from Google Trends

By typing in a few of the products that you think are good for reviews, you will see if you are actually right.

The most common mistakes in the industry

Mistakes are made in companies regardless of their industry and size. They are different in nature, and their specificity differs from each other, but at the same time they are repeated, and relatively often. If we describe them in a blog creating a list, we will not only contribute to increasing the awareness of potential customers, but we will move the entire industry forward by reducing the likelihood of mistakes made by newcomers.

Tools and applications to support your work

What applications and tools are used in your company to improve work and increase its results? What works well when running a store, managing time, or assigning tasks to a team? Answering these questions can be an interesting idea in the context of topics for blog posts, which is sure to gain popularity among other people in the industry. Especially when your company has a good reputation.

We like to see what successful people and companies do. We are curious what they do differently to get such great results. So if you enjoy good recognition and your company is a leader in the industry, tool entries will be especially popular. Especially when you mention that you yourself use the tools in your organization.


The fact that people have formed hierarchies in their groups since the dawn of time is known to all. The same goes for products and services. Subconsciously, we want to arrange them starting with the best, to compare and decide where to leave your money, time or a little attention. A ranking of the most influential people in a particular industry, a ranking of the best designed websites in 2019 or a ranking of documentaries on a topic related to a given market sector are ideas for entries that have a good chance of success.

Example: The Most Influential Bloggers of 2018 (by. Jason Hunt)

JasonHunt has been creating such a compilation for years. It was received with such enthusiasm that for some time it has been the most recognizable in the blogosphere. Many creators every year look forward to the results and want to be at the top of the list. Maybe it's time for you to conquer your industry in a similar way, thereby creating blog posts “top of the top”?


If we have extensive experience in a given industry, we can put ourselves in the role of an expert and try to predict upcoming trends on a company blog. It is often possible to foresee major changes in the sector in which one is a specialist. In this way, we will help customers who do not know what to expect from a service or product provider, as well as less experienced companies that will be able to better prepare for change. This is a very engaging and often commented way to make attractive posts on a company blog.

The content of a blog article is not everything

When you have already managed to find a great idea on the topic, have created interesting content, it is worth refining a few more important elements. To keep your content interesting and engaging, try not to forget the elements listed below, which have a big impact on how readers will ultimately evaluate your work.

Using Visual Elements to Empower Blog Entries

Visual elements such as photos, infographics or graphics can enhance creative blog entries. Adding attractive and attention-grabbing images can increase readers' interest and encourage them to keep reading. Be sure to use high-quality graphics that are relevant to your topic and enrich the content of your blog post.

Add interactive elements to blog posts

Adding interactive elements such as quizzes, surveys, forms, or photo galleries can make your blog post even more appealing to readers. Interactive elements engage readers and encourage them to interact with your content. Consider what interactive elements might be appropriate for your blog post and how they can reinforce the message you want to convey to readers.

Promoting creative blog posts on social media

After publishing creative blog posts, it is important to promote them effectively on social media. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to reach more potential readers. Create interesting headlines, use relevant hashtags, and encourage sharing of your blog posts. Also, remember to have a proper publication schedule and regularly share new content to keep readers interested.

Measuring the success of your blog posts

To assess the effectiveness of creative blog entries, it is worth tracking several indicators. You can monitor the number of page views, time spent on the page, bounce rate, number of comments or shares on social media. Analyze the results and adjust your strategies to better meet the needs of your readers. Remember that success is not always measured by the number of page views - it is also important whether your blog entries engage readers and bring value.


If before reading the above article it was not clear to you what to write a blog about, so that he was curious about how to find ideas for posts for your blog, now it should be much easier. Generating blog ideas only requires a little creativity and commitment. Data also helps, which you will largely be able to check using the methods and tools mentioned above.

Also, be sure to promote your blog posts on social media and analyze the results to adjust your strategies. Be aware of the latest trends and strive to deliver valuable content that engages readers.


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